Find Out Why the Helicopters Were Flying Around Watertown This Weekend


Watertown Police Patch

The Watertown Police have solved the mystery of the helicopters flying over town this weekend, and all signs points toward Hollywood.

Helicopters buzzed over Watertown on Friday evening and Sunday morning, and at first even the Police Department could not get any explanation why they were doing it.

Police, however, were able to track down where the aircraft came from by investigating the number on the tail, which led them to Norwood Airport, and they discovered it belonged to Wings Air, out of White Plains, N.Y, said Police Chief Michael Lawn.

“We were finally able to track down an employee who told us that they were contracted by CBS Films to do overall air shots for the ‘Patriots Day’ movie,” Lawn said. “They stated that they filed their flight plan with FAA and also contacted Malden PD for some reason but never contacted Watertown PD.”

Police, who were inundated with phone calls about the helicopters, made their feelings known to the company.

“We expressed our displeasure for this and they were extremely apologetic for causing this alarm and disturbance,” Lawn said. ”

The good news is that the overhead filming is complete, and the company has returned to New York.

“I will follow up tomorrow with CBS Films and make sure they know how we feel and make sure this does not happen again,” Lawn said.

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  1. Perhaps CBS and Mark Wahlberg should feel badly enough about freaking out the citizens of Watertown to consider donating a lot of cash to the school system, the Police Dept. or something similar.

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