See How Runners from Watertown Finished in the 2018 Boston Marathon


Battling rainy, gusty and cold conditions, along with the normal challenges of the Boston Marathon, these Watertown runners completed the race on Monday. 

Watertown’s fastest runner was Craig Hammond, who finished in 2:44:20. The 23-year-old’s time was the 246th fastest for men and 269th overall.

The fastest female runner from Watertown was Erin Jaffke, 25, who finished in 3:10:58. She was the 305th fastest woman.

Thirty-three Watertown runners completed the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston. Here are the results, according to the BAA’s website.

Watertown’s 2018 Boston Marathon Finishers

Craig Hammond 2:44:20

Michael Peterson 2:50:20

Eric Wyler 2:51:05

Jason Hoffman 2:53:57

William Feldman 2:58:07

Kyle Mcqueen Feldman 3:09:22

Erin Jaffke 3:10:58

Daniel Gulas 3:16:43

Riina Turtio 3:16:32

Kun Song 3:16:47

Megan O’Brien 3:23:31

Mark Zurlo 3:25:16

Santosh Karmacharya 3:27:27

Laurel Steinfield 3:27:36

Andrew Hashway 3:30:24

Thea Cox 3:31:18

David Krieger 3:36:36

Christopher Dupay 3:58:39

Nicholas Takessian 3:59:39

Deborah Downs 4:04:07

Emily Andrews 4:06:04

Sarah Soltau 4:10:31

Kaila Parrot 4:13:08

Steffanie Kielty 4:15:01

Barbara Herbst 4:16:26

Christopher Viklund 4:16:31

Melissa Dlugolecki 4:16:47

Jason Highland 4:20:50

Amy Connor 4:22:22

Patrick Normile 4:55:37

Jennifer Arnold 5:17:52

Jessica Doggett 5:21:49

Jessica Alosco 5:37:11

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