Watertown Community Foundation, Historical Society Featured on Inside Watertown


Watertown Cable Access TV

Inside Watertown host Charlie Breitrose, left, speaks with, from left, Jan Singer, David Siegel and Elaina Griffith from the Watertown Community Foundation during Episode 8 of the program on Watertown Cable.

Catch the latest episode of Inside Watertown, the Watertown Cable Access TV show hosted by Watertown News Editor Charlie Breitrose and longtime local business and community leader Paul Airasian.

This month, the guests were from the Watertown Community Foundation and the Historical Society of Watertown.

First, the Historical Society’s Marilynne Roach talked about the upcoming Treaty Day, which celebrates both America’s first treaty with a foreign government and the first reading of the Declaration of Independence in Massachusetts. Both events took place right here in Watertown! The event will be on July 14, 2018, at the Edmund Fowle House.

The second segment covered the merger of the Watertown Community Foundation (WCF) with the Watertown Education Foundation (WEF). WCF Board Co-President David Siegel and Executive Director Jan Singer were joined by Elaina Griffith, who until recently was co-president of the WEF and is now a WCF board member. Singer also talked about her first few months as director of the WCF, and Siegel shared info on the Foundation’s 15th anniversary celebration.

Paul Airasian could not host this episode, but will be back for the next episode of Inside Watertown.

See the episode below:

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