Remnants of Hurricane Florence Could Cause Flooding in and Around Watertown


National Weather Service

Potential rainfall as the remnants of Hurricane Florence passes through the area.

Torrential rain is expected to hit the area beginning late Monday and continuing through Tuesday night. The remnants of the hurricane that struck North Carolina is expected to drop 3 or more inches of rain.

A Flash Flood Watch has been issued by the National Weather Service for most of southern New England, including the Boston area. The watch is in effect from late on the evening of Sept. 17 through late on the night of Sept. 18.

The forecast calls for bands of torrential rain with many areas getting 1-3 inches of rain, and a narrow band will receive 4 to 6 inches of rain in a short period. There is a potential of 2-3 inches of rain to fall in an hour in some locations.

The rain could cause flash flooding in urban areas and on small streams, according to the National Weather Service announcement.

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