Council Subcommittee Looking at Successful Examples of Affordable Housing


The Town Council Committee on Human Services will hold its sixth meeting on the topic of affordable housing on Wednesday, November 7 at 7:15 p.m.

The theme of this meeting is “Solutions/Case Examples.” The meeting will take place in the Lower Hearing Room on the ground floor of Town Hall. The guests presenting at the meeting include:

Kelly Donato, Assistant Housing Director, at the City of Somerville; Cliff Cook, member of the Watertown Housing Partnership; State Senator Will Brownsberger; and Rachel Heller, Executive Director of the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association.

For questions or more information contact call 781-644-3525 or email

2 thoughts on “Council Subcommittee Looking at Successful Examples of Affordable Housing

  1. While they continue to make housing more expensive with additional building/code/environmental regulations (like forced installation of solar as one example) they wonder why the un-affordability in housing increases.

  2. I would disagree on your analysis of building codes and attention to sustainable energy as causing unaffordable housing. I would pin it on the greed and unfettered focus on housing as a source of investment and money-making at fault. Everything connected to basic living in this country (healthcare, food, housing) is tied to nothing but money-making, and not need or common good. And yes, I do believe that capitalism can do both.

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