Developers of Pleasant Street Project Want to Change Plans

A view of what Buildings F (left) and E would look like at 385 Pleasant St. after proposed changes to the plans.

The developers of the mixed-use property at the corner of Pleasant Street and Rosedale Road, wants to reduce the height of one building, and move the residential units to another building.

The project at 385 Pleasant Street includes four buildings along Pleasant Street heading toward Bridge Street, with three all-residential buildings and one with commercial on the bottom and housing units on top.

A request has been submitted to the Planning Board to make changes to the plans that were approved in March 2018. The changes would reduce the height of Building F (located farthest west) from five to four stories, and from 54 feet to 50-feet-4-inches.

An up close look at the two buildings proposed to be changed in the 385 Pleasant Street project.

The change would reduce the size of the all-residential Building F by 2,754 sq. ft., and two units would be moved to Building E, a commercial and residential building. Building would have 123 additional square feet.

The 385 Pleasant Street proposal is on the agenda for the April 10 Planning Board meeting, to be held in Town Hall at 7 p.m.

2 thoughts on “Developers of Pleasant Street Project Want to Change Plans

  1. That development looks ridiculous in that space half built. So why not make it bigger and taller? Really?

    I feel so bad for the property owners who live behind it.

    I’m sure the rubber stamps are ready to approve.

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