Give Your Opinion on Changes to Parking in Watertown at Upcoming Meeting


The public is invited to give input on Watertown’s Parking Management plan for Watertown Square and Coolidge Square which was presented earlier this year.

The Watertown Planning Department provided the following information:

The Town seeks public input on draft parking strategies, presented at a public meeting on May 7.

Please join the Town and project team at the Watertown Parking Management Plan Draft Strategies Public Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, from 7-8:30 p.m., at the Watertown Public Library (Watertown Savings Bank Room). Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., to review key findings from Watertown and Coolidge Squares’ parking data collection, public engagement survey and January open houses.

In January, the public had the opportunity to provide input at two public open houses to review parking supply and utilization data, share parking concerns, and give the Town ideas on how to improve parking management in Watertown Square and Coolidge Square. From there, the project team developed strategies to better manage parking in each Square. The Town would like your feedback.

These initial draft strategies focus on enhancing Watertown Square and Coolidge Square’s parking system through:

  • Upgrading parking payment technology;
  • Creating parking availability through adjusting parking price;
  • Investing in public parking lots;
  • Enhancing accessibility to each Square through wayfinding signage and pedestrian and bicycle improvements; and,
  • Adjusting parking and zoning standards to encourage investment and development

For more information, contact: Laura Wiener, Senior Transportation Planner, Watertown Department of Community Development and Planning
at 617-972-6417, or

3 thoughts on “Give Your Opinion on Changes to Parking in Watertown at Upcoming Meeting

  1. Referencing the final bullet, What is meant by, and the goal of, adjusting parking and zoning standards to improving parking in the squares?

  2. Is “creating parking availability through adjusting parking price” an euphemism for a parking rate increase?

    • I have heard they are considering raising prices in some areas and having them lower in other areas, depending on how much demand for the parking in a certain lot or on that particular street.

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