Police Log: Man Arrested on 8 Warrants, Rash of Stolen Packages


The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.


June 13, 2:17 p.m.: An employee at Sasaki Associates on Pleasant Street called 911 after an uninvited man was acting strangely inside the business. The man was seen walking around inside Sasaki’s offices and when he was confronted he became belligerent and used racial slurs. He then left and headed down the nearby Charles River Walk. An employee got a photo of the man and police were able to locate him on Pleasant Street near Howard Street. They found the man had eight warrants for his arrest. The 59-year-old Roxbury man was arrested on the warrants: three were from Brookline District Court — one for credit card fraud, one for receiving a stolen credit card and one for possession of a Class B drug; two from Brighton District Court — one for trespassing and one for receiving an improper credit card; one from Cambridge District Court for larceny from a building; and two from Roxbury District Court — one for failure to register as a sex offender and one for receiving a stolen credit card.

June 15, 2:49 a.m.: An officer spotted a vehicle idling on Summer Street at the corner of Mt. Auburn Street and the light went through an entire cycle but the vehicle did not move. The driver’s head could be seen slouched down, so police checked on the man. They shone a flashlight in the vehicle and banged on the window but the man would not wake up. An officer opened the passenger door, put the vehicle in park and removed the key. Then police were able to wake the man, who had an odor of alcohol on his breath. He was asked to get out of the car to perform field sobriety tests, but the driver refused. He became more agitated and began to swear at officers. The 36-year-old Watertown man was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol.


June 10, 3:55 p.m.: A Palfrey Street resident received a confirmation that a package had been delivered on June 8 at about 3:30 p.m. The person had been away and when the person returned home a box was found in the bushes with the contents missing. The box had contained a Original Grain metal watch with a wood finish worth $200.

June 10, 6:43 p.m.: Police were called to Irving Street by a resident who said he was missing some valuables. He was having work done in his home and said he came home at about 3:05 p.m. and spoke with the worker. Then the resident placed a 14K gold chain with a silver ring on it on his coffee table. The worker finished at 3:30 p.m. and after he left the resident noticed the chain and ring were gone. He said they were worth $2,000 and had no identifying marks on them. Police are investigating.

June 11, 10:57 a.m.: Someone broke the window of a car parked on Irving Street. The incident occurred overnight from June 10 to June 11, and the driver side window was broken. The owner is not sure who could have done the damage. The estimated repair cost is $500.

June 11, 5:19 p.m.: A cellphone may have been stolen from Boston Sports Club. A member injured himself during a workout and he went to urgent care. He remembered having his phone at the gym, but when he went to the urgent care it was gone. He is not sure if he lost the phone or it was taken. It was a Samsung cell phone worth $300.

June 14, 7:03 p.m.: Two women were stopped by store security in Target after being seen placing items into a carriage, and then place some of the items into their pocketbooks. They then went through the self-checkout lane and only paid for the items in the carriage. The store recovered the cosmetics and groceries from the two suspects, which were worth $128.58. The two women, a 20 year old from Chestnut Hill and a 25 year old from Watertown, were summonsed to Waltham District Court on a charge of shoplifting.

June 15, 11:44 a.m.: A Keenan Street resident reported two packages had been stolen. They were confirmed delivered on June 14 at 9 a.m. and when the person came home at noon they were gone. They contained two dog toys and a shirt, worth a total of $100.

June 16, 12:03 a.m.: A car was broken into on Paul Street overnight on June 15. It had been parked in front of the owner’s home and when he came out he found the front passenger door was not fully closed. The car had been left unlocked. A pair of Sony headphones worth $30 were taken, and later the resident was informed that someone attempted to use his credit card. The card was in his possession, so he assumes the thief copied the number.

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