Police Log: Woman Victimized in Computer Scam, Man Caught With Counterfeit Bill


The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.


Aug. 6, 10:33 a.m.: An officer spotted a GMC Savannah make and illegal turn so he stopped the driver. While speaking with the driver it was discovered that the man had a warrant for his arrest. The 65-year-old Revere man was arrested on the warrant from Lynn District Court for traffic offenses.

Aug. 9, 7:11 p.m.: Home Depot caught a man trying to use a counterfeit $100 bill. The man told police conflicting stories about where and how he got the bill. The counterfeit note was taken as evidence and the Secret Service was notified, as they are in such cases. The 64-year-old Boston man was arrested on a charge of possession of a counterfeit note.

Aug 10, 5:08 p.m.: A vehicle with an expired registration was pulled over near Watertown Square. Police discovered the driver had a revoked license. The 25-year-old Waltham woman was arrested on a charge of driving with a revoked license. Also, the owner of the vehicle, who was not the driver, was cited for allowing an unregistered motor vehicle on the public way.

Aug. 11, 2:35 a.m.: Police received a report of a man asleep behind the wheel at the intersection of Lexington Street and Robert Ford Road. Officers located the man and found him unresponsive. When police were able to wake him, the driver showed signs of intoxication and he failed field sobriety tests. The 37-year-old Watertown man was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Aug. 11, 7:33 p.m.: An officer observed a Honda Civic run a red light on Church Street. The vehicle was stopped and when officers spoke to the man they discovered he had a warrant for his arrest. The 40-year-old Waltham man was arrested on the warrant from Charlestown District Court for failure to pay fines and fees.


Aug. 6, 1:30 p.m.: A package was stolen from a Winsor Avenue home. The resident confirmed that the package containing a ceiling fan had been shipped to her and arrived July 22. The fan, which was taken from the front porch, was worth $730.

Aug. 6, 4:07 p.m.: A Bridgham Avenue resident reported his TD Bank North debit card had been compromised and used for transactions of $503, $203, and $1,730, for a total of $2,436.18. The third transaction was made at a Pubix supermarket in Atlanta. Police are working with the grocery store to investigate the incident.

Aug. 8, 1:49 p.m.: A Waltham woman reported that she may have been the victim of an online scam. She was on her computer when the screen went black and the computer stopped working. At the same time, she got a call from a man saying he works for Apple and he could help her. He told her she had been hacked multiple times and he would fix it for a payment. The woman was told to purchase gift cards of $500 each for a total of $8,000 from Best Buy, Target, Staples or Shaw’s. The woman went to Best Buy in Watertown and while she was attempting to purchase them her credit card was declined and she was alerted of a potential fraud. The bank was able to stop most of the payments, but she may have lost $1,000.

Aug. 9, 7:54 p.m.: Chapman Street residents called police to report a potential break-in. The residents returned from doing errands and found a glass pane in a door on the back porch had been removed. The glass was held in by a small piece of wood, which was also moved. It did not appear that anyone got into the home or took anything.

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