See Candidate Profiles for the Town Councilor-At Large Hopefuls


The big race in Watertown’s 2019 Town Election is the Town Councilor At-Large, in which seven people seek to fill the four seats. And with only three incumbents running, the Council will have at least one new face.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, incumbents Tony Palomba, Anthony Donato and Caroline Bays seek another term on the Council, while challengers Jimmy Mello, John Gannon, Clyde Younger and Michelle Cokonougher hope to win a seat.

The open seat came about when Michael Dattoli and his family moved out of Watertown in 2018. Former Councilor At-Large Susan Falkoff was selected to finish Dattoli’s term, and agreed not to seek re-election.

Watertown News asked each candidate to write a candidate statement, and provide some background information about themselves.

Click on the candidate’s name to see their response (order is based on a random drawing):

Tony Palomba

Anthony Donato

John Gannon

Jimmy Mello

Caroline Bays

Clyde Younger

Michelle Cokonougher

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  1. Correction: Meant to say that the Recent Posts are to the left, not right, of the Recent Comments. Why don’t Tony and Caroline’s statements show up there with the other candidates’ under Recent Posts?

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