Town Council At-Large Profile: Jimmy Mello


Candidate Statement

I’m a lifelong resident of Watertown and was educated in the Watertown Public Schools. And now I’m a candidate who is hoping to serve as one of your four Town Councilors At Large. I want to be the voice of the residents.

It has been a lifelong desire of mine to become a Watertown Town Councilor. After having served as a Town Meeting Member and on the Watertown Planning Board, my passion for public service played out as the “man behind the scenes” during years of election seasons.

For many years, I committed my time and efforts to help those achieve their aspirations for political office. The candidates you entrusted with your vote, first entrusted me to spearhead their efforts. Supporting the elections of candidates for School Committee, Town Council, and Town Council President and up to the prestigious races of State Representative, State Senator, Lt. Governor and Governor is no easy task. I’ve played vital roles in each one of these elective office campaigns by applying my skills sets, sharing my in-depth knowledge of town issues, identifying challenges and collaborating on long and short term solutions for Watertown residents.

I’ve experienced the evolution of Watertown throughout the years as a resident. I’ve witnessed its developments and growth. I’ve watched neighbors reach out to each other to preserve their hometown. I’ve been amazed at how small changes have profoundly impacted the Watertown community I live and thrive in. I’ve sat through hundreds of public meetings and spoke to issues that needed a voice. I want to continue to be
the voice that Watertown residents trust in.

Today, my commitment is to remain focused on the challenges ahead. I remain vigilant in recognizing and understanding the importance of the ever evolving community development and planning, along with the traffic congestion throughout Watertown. The Building for the Future is at the forefront of development to move Watertown’s schools into the 21st century. Watertown residents must be members of the Watertown Housing Partnership and be offered affordable housing first. The tax dollars required to support the growth of our public safety departments and the preservation of our green resources.

So please consider me The Watertown Candidate as one of your four votes on Tuesday November 5th. “There is no time like the present to Prepare for Watertown’s Future”

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