Groovy Ice Cream Chain Setting Up Shop in Watertown


Watertown residents will soon be able to grab a Cherry Garcia or Chunky Monkey right in their own backyard.

Arsenal Yards announced on its Instagram feed that Ben & Jerry’s will be coming to the redeveloped Arsenal Mall.

The national chain began in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vt., and features unusual and tasty flavor combinations.

Ben & Jerry’s has about a dozen locations in the Greater Boston area, with the closest to Watertown currently in Harvard Square.

Arsenal Yards’ post shows a one-story building under construction as the home of the ice creamery.

3 thoughts on “Groovy Ice Cream Chain Setting Up Shop in Watertown

  1. My home town is Watertown. I was very fortunate to grow up in such a wonderful town. Unfortunately the rise in rent forced me to move away. I go back to Watertown whenever possible. Each time I visit Watertown it’s like going home again! I love it. I also love ice cream. Even during the cold winter months. I will definitely be visiting the new ice cream shop in Watertown.

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