Watertown Police Asking Residents to Call First, Try to Avoid Coming into Station


In an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Watertown Police Department requested that people to avoid coming into the lobby of the Police Station, except in an emergency.

Police Chief Michael Lawn sent out the request to avoid coming into the Police Station, and urged people to call. The Watertown Police also changed their policy during this period for filing reports. They can now be taken over the phone.

Lawn also noted that officers may ask questions about residents’ health when responding to their home or business.

Lawn sent out the following announcement:

In a continued effort to keep our citizens, officer’s, and civilian employees safe from the Covid 19- Coronavirus, we are asking people to use increased discretion when seeking Police services.

The Watertown Police Department will always respond immediately to 911 emergencies. When responding, prior to entering your home or business. Officers may ask illness related questions to ensure the environment is safe for all. Until further notice, we are asking citizens to avoid coming into the lobby of the Police Department unless in the case of an emergency. We encourage citizens to call the police department ahead of time before traveling to the station to make a report.

If you have a situation that can be resolved over the phone by speaking with a Police Officer, we are asking that you do so by calling our business line at 617-972-6500. Please continue to use 911 for all emergencies and medical calls.

We will be temporarily allowing Officers to take reports over the phone for issues or incidents that we feel would not require a response to your home or business. Some examples could be:

Neighbor Issues/Civil Matters
• Credit Card/Fraud/Identification Issues
• Vandalism
• Animal Calls
• Minor past incidents

Effective immediately the following programs have been suspended:

Prescription Drop Box
• Public use of the Community Room
• Fingerprint requests
• New LTC/FID application processing
• In person records requests (on-line & telephone requests only)

These are all precautionary measures to limit close personal contact and mitigate the spread of the virus. As always, the Watertown Police Department is committed to providing a high level of service to our community. We would like to thank you for your cooperation, understanding and support. Working together as a community will ensure a healthier Watertown.

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