Council Approves Host Community Agreement with 2nd Adult-Use Marijuana Dispensary


An adult-use marijuana dispensary planned for the Westside of Watertown entered into a Host Community with the Town after the Town Council approved the agreement on Tuesday night.

Buds Goods & Provisions is applying to open a recreational marijuana dispensary in the new development at 330-350 Pleasant St. The company now must apply for a license from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) before it can apply to the Watertown Zoning Board for a special permit. They can open when both are approved.

The ballot measure that legalized adult-use marijuana prohibits communities from banning them, but allows them to limit the number to 10 percent of the number of liquor licenses. Watertown is allowing up to three, and one license has been approved for Natural Selections at 23 Elm St. Buds Goods would be the second and a third has been proposed on North Beacon Street.

Councilor John Gannon asked if the Host Community Agreement differed from the other one approved by the Town. Mark Reich, the Town’s attorney, said the agreement is virtually the same, and the state has capped the amount communities can ask from a dispensary for impact fees.

As part of the Host Community Agreement between the Town and Buds Goods, the dispensary will pay an impact fee of 3 percent of the gross sales to the Town. The Town will use the money for services related to dispensary, including roads, police, fire, inspectional services and public health.

The company will submit annual financial statements to the Town within 30 days after the payment of its Annual Community Impact Fee.

As part of the agreement, Buds Goods agreed to work with neighbors and surrounding businesses to come up with policies to address any concerns or issues that may arise through its operation of the Facility, the agreement reads.

Buds Goods will come up with a grand opening plan to deal with potential lines and traffic, said Councilor Kenneth Woodland, chair of the Economic Development and Planning subcommittee that heard the proposal from Buds Goods last week.

“They are expecting in the first week they could have high traffic flow,” Woodland said.

The company will have staff at the entrance and exits so they operate smoothly, and traffic will be monitored so there are no backups at the nearby intersection of Pleasant Street and Rosedale Road, Woodland said.

Councilor Anthony Donato said representatives from the Buds Goods team told the subcommittee that they do not expect the dispensary to open for about a year.

“They expect in time a significant number of adult-use shops to open in the area, so traffic won’t be nearly as high because a lot more locations will be open in this area,” Donato said.

Other parts of the Host Community agreement include a requirement for Buds Goods to make a $10,000 charitable donation annually.

The agreement also calls for Buds Goods to “give priority to local businesses, suppliers, contractors, builders and vendors in the provision of goods and services called for in the construction, maintenance and continued operation,” the agreement reads.

The dispensary will work with Watertown Police on its security plan, including the placement of security cameras, and they agree to periodic review of the security plan. Every part of the dispensary, except the restrooms, will be covered by the cameras.

See the Host Community Agreement by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “Council Approves Host Community Agreement with 2nd Adult-Use Marijuana Dispensary

  1. As part of the Host Community Agreement between the Town and Buds Goods, the dispensary will pay an impact fee of 3 percent of the gross sales to the Town.

    Looks like an old fashioned shakedown on top of taxes. Town going to send in a couple goons from the DPW to collect when the “rent” is due?

  2. Nice try, Fred, except Section 3D of Chapter 94G allows municipalities to charge this impact fee. You’ll understand why when you see lines of cars rolling through town to get some flower. Why don’t you use some of your influence in Belmont to convince the powers that be to go this route instead of an override every two years.

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