OP-ED: MBTA Making Changes to Avoid “Ghost Buses” on Cellphone App

State Sen. Will Brownsberger, (D – Belmont) who represents Watertown, provided the following piece:

MBTA bus arrival predictions should get better as of today and further improvements can be expected over the next few months. Representatives Jon Hecht and Dave Rogers and I learned a lot at a recent meeting with MBTA management about bus service complaints that we had received from riders. Most regular bus riders now rely on mobile phone apps to get predictions of when the next bus will arrive. Here is how those predictions are generated and how the technology is changing. Each MBTA bus is equipped with a device that transmits its location back to the MBTA’s control center.

LETTER: Resident Urges Others to Speak Out Against Increasing Height of Tower at Arsenal Yards

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Boylston Properties (BP) is seeking a zoning change at Arsenal Yards. What the published agenda IV. 485 Arsenal Street (click here) amendment fails to disclose is that while BP is again pushing for a height increase to 197 feet at Building G, they are also asking for 80 percent of that height for any additional buildings on their site on the south side of Arsenal Street. They want to create their own separate zone within the RMUD. If approved, those buildings could go to 157.6 feet.

LETTER: Watertown Deserves to be a Priority in MBTA’s Investment Plan

Letter To The Editor

The MBTA recently released its “Focus 40 Investment Plan.” On pages 13-19 of that plan, the MBTA gives an overview of which communities it considers “Priority Places”  in its Focus 40 investment plan. https://cdn.mbta.com/sites/default/files/projects/focus40/2018-07-30-focus40-draft-plan-digital.pdf

I believe that Watertown (East Watertown in particular) deserves the “Priority Place” designation because it’s fits many of the criteria for a Priority Place listed on page 14 including:
“• Lack rapid transit service, but bus usage exceeds available capacity
• Face traffic congestion that compromises the performance of MBTA buses in mixed traffic
• Host major centers of activity or dense residential populations, but lack efficient public transit access
• Feature population or employment densities that support higher frequency transit”
I urge Watertown’s residents and local and state representatives to contact the MBTA to add Watertown to its “Priority Places” so that our small but growing city can get the public transit investments we need for our future,


Teddy Kokoros
Watertown Resident

LETTER: Governor’s Councilor Devaney Thanks Her Supporters

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of the 51,781 people who voted for my reelection as your Governor’s councillor. Thank you for putting my sign on your lawn, or standing out for me – or saying a kind word about me along the way, I am grateful. I am so grateful that you believe in me and did not believe the lies and specious attacks on me. My campaign took the high road based on my proven record and reforms I have made on the Governor’s Council. I am honored to work for you as your Governor’s Councillor.

OP-ED: State Sen. Brownsberger Reflects on MBTA’s Long Term Planning

The following was provided by State Sen. Will Brownsberger (D – Belmont) who also represents Watertown:

Comments are due on the MBTA’s long term plan on Monday, October 22 (extended from September 21). It is a provocative document that is well worth a read.  The document is available for comment at MBTAFocus40.com. As a regional agency dependent on state funding for more than half of its budget, the MBTA is constantly subject to political pressure from people like me to improve service. The demands of multiple elected officials serving different constituencies raise difficult choices for the agency about where to focus. In the “Focus 40” document, the agency is attempting to get above the politics and shape its priorities based on big picture data about needs.

LETTER: Congressional Candidate Thanks His Supporters During State Primary

Open Letter from Republican Congressional Candidate John Hugo to the People of theMassachusetts 5 th Congressional District:

I want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate every single person, no matter the party and no matter who you voted for, who took the time to do their civic duty on Tuesday September 4. Our republic only works, indeed can only thrive, if informed citizens participate. I’m truly humbled and honored that 64% of those who voted in the Republican Primary selected me to be the Republican Nominee. I want to congratulate Dr. Louis Kuchner, my primary opponent, for running a spirited campaign that took the high road and focused on issues. He has graciously endorsed my candidacy and pledged his support.

LETTER: Governor’s Council Candidate Defends Mailers, Shares Endorsements


I write to respond to a letter claiming one of my mailers was false. First, I have an unblemished record for professional integrity as a lawyer with over 25 years experience and have earned the highest grade for ethics from my peers. I have not lied in any of my mailers or during this campaign. I am running to protect our state courts and values as Trump erodes well-established rights and values at the federal level, among them the attack on truth and facts. I am not interested in running based on falsehoods. I can support each of my statements.

LETTER: Resident Urges Rejecting Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh


Brett Kavanaugh is a sure-fire vote to gut Roe, criminalize abortion, and punish women. Kavanaugh’s record has shown time and again that he does not respect the rights of women to determine what is best for themselves and their families. To protect reproductive everywhere, it is imperative that Kavanaugh is not confirmed to the Supreme Court.  

Susan LaDue
Watertown Resident