LETTER: Congressional Candidate Thanks His Supporters During State Primary

Open Letter from Republican Congressional Candidate John Hugo to the People of theMassachusetts 5 th Congressional District:

I want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate every single person, no matter the party and no matter who you voted for, who took the time to do their civic duty on Tuesday September 4. Our republic only works, indeed can only thrive, if informed citizens participate. I’m truly humbled and honored that 64% of those who voted in the Republican Primary selected me to be the Republican Nominee. I want to congratulate Dr. Louis Kuchner, my primary opponent, for running a spirited campaign that took the high road and focused on issues. He has graciously endorsed my candidacy and pledged his support.

LETTER: Governor’s Council Candidate Defends Mailers, Shares Endorsements


I write to respond to a letter claiming one of my mailers was false. First, I have an unblemished record for professional integrity as a lawyer with over 25 years experience and have earned the highest grade for ethics from my peers. I have not lied in any of my mailers or during this campaign. I am running to protect our state courts and values as Trump erodes well-established rights and values at the federal level, among them the attack on truth and facts. I am not interested in running based on falsehoods. I can support each of my statements.

LETTER: Resident Urges Rejecting Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh


Brett Kavanaugh is a sure-fire vote to gut Roe, criminalize abortion, and punish women. Kavanaugh’s record has shown time and again that he does not respect the rights of women to determine what is best for themselves and their families. To protect reproductive everywhere, it is imperative that Kavanaugh is not confirmed to the Supreme Court.  

Susan LaDue
Watertown Resident

LETTER: Governor’s Councilor Marilyn Petitto Devaney Seeks Another Term


I am running a basic grass root campaign in a Governor’s Council District larger than a congressional district (difficult without money) representing 32 towns and cities from Ayer to Back Bay. What I am most proud of?:

Just to mention two of the reforms I made on the council that I am proud of:

1. Changed the Parole Board whose members were all prosecutors — not in compliance for 30 years. 2. Stopped long-time practice of  Governor’s Councillors, Governor, Lieutenant Governor accepting money from nominees right to the time of the vote.

LETTER: Watertown Republicans Urge People to Vote in the State Primary, Share Endorsements

Open Letter from the Watertown to Republican Town Committee Chairman:

On behalf of the Watertown Republican Town Committee (WRTC), I want to remind all voters to get out on and vote on Tuesday September 4th in the upcoming State Primary. Primary Day is both the first day of school and the day after Labor Day, therefore many might not be aware or even thinking in terms of voting yet. Nevertheless it is important that Watertown makes her voice heard. So no matter what your political leanings are, or what Primary you are inclined to vote in, please don’t forget to take a few minutes to study the candidates and vote on September 4th. To my fellow Republicans and those unenrolled voters who will be pulling a Republican Ballot, I would like to take a moment to remind you that the WRTC has endorsed the following candidates.

LETTER: Resident Defends Marilyn Pettito Devaney, Supports Her Reelection to Governor’s Council


I just received a flyer in the mail today from candidate Nick Carter. I would like to respond to the false accusations he writes about Councillor Marilyn Petitto Devaney. He doesn’t tell you the facts as to why the Council/ Councillor Devaney voted no. Look at the facts and research her voting record. I did my research and this is what I found:

FALSE — Just as one example. He states Councillor Devaney voted NO on a qualified nominee – Jennifer Roberts.

LETTER: Watertown Needs Committee to Oversee Biotech Labs in Town

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

I delivered the following comments to our Town Council on August 14, 2018.:

I am here to talk about Biotech in Watertown. Last week, August 8th, I attended a Planning Board hearing regarding Arsenal Yards. At the hearing, the developer requested approval for façade modifications, changes to the ‘river green’ layout, and a change of use to Building A’s second floor from a commercial office/retail use to a combination of office and R&D use
(https://www.ci.watertown.ma.us/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/4027). Since I could find no staff report, I checked a promo piece for Arsenal Yards, and found that, without receiving approval from the Planning Board, they are already promoting 100,000 square feet of creative office and “lab space” (www.arsenalyards.com/office/). During the meeting, the Planning Board was focused on proposed changes to the windows, entrances, the roof, and the ventilation system.

LETTER: Resident Opposes Alcohol Sales at the Faire on the Square

I am writing to express my concern about the recent proposal regarding sale of beer and wine at Watertown’s Faire on the Square. I don’t know if a decision on this proposal has already been approved by the Licensing Board. But whether or not that has happened, I am strongly opposed to this. Faire on the Square has always been a very special time for families. Children of all ages gather to have loads of fun, and young and old alike enjoy strolling past the many tables and booths, playing games, and learning about the richness of all that Watertown has to offer.