Students Have Fun in the Sun During Lowell School’s Field Day

Last Thursday, the entire student body at Lowell Elementary School marched down the hill and into the Victory Field complex for a day of games and athletic competition. 

The Lowell Field Day is a long tradition at the school, but four years ago the fun moved across Orchard Street to Watertown’s track and stadium complex. When the students arrived, they entered in a procession not unlike the Olympics opening ceremony, complete with the Olympic theme song. The older kids, grades 3-5, took to the track and ran races around the oval, tossed beanbags through holes, tried to kick huge beachballs through hula hoops and more. Meanwhile, over on the stadium side, the younger children (in K-2) had relays around the bases of the baseball diamond, played a parachute, attempted to transport water in cups several yards without spilling and tossed rubber chickens. Lowell Principal Stacy Phelan looked over the hundreds of kids at play around her, enjoyed the nice weather.

See Watertown’s College Graduates and Dean’s List Members

Several Watertown students made academic honors lists, and one graduated from college. 

Watertown Student Graduates from Harvey Mudd College

Nicholas Lee Trieu of Watertown graduated from Harvey Mudd College on May 13, 2018. Trieu received a bachelor of science degree with a major in computer science and mathematics, “graduating with high distinction and departmental honors in computer science, in mathematics, and in humanities, social sciences, and the arts.” Trieu attended Buckingham Browne & Nichols School. Harvey Mudd College is the premier liberal arts college specializing in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The College’s mission is to prepare engineers, scientists and mathematicians to become leaders in their fields and understand the impact of their work on society.

MLK Friend: Watertown Embraces King’s Principles Like No Other Community

Watertown has embraced the non-violence teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. like no other community, according to a Civil Rights activist and good friend of King. 

On Thursday afternoon a celebration for the dedication of the mural created on the back wall of the Watertown Boys & Girls Club was attended by Dr. Bernard Lafayette. The mural, called “The Time is Always Right,” features bright paints and sections of mosaics which demonstrate the six principles of Kingian Nonviolence (and the words on the mural):

Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people (Have Courage)
The Beloved Community is the framework for the future (Be Kind)
Attack forces of evil, not people doing evil (Don’t Hate, Solve)
Accept suffering without retaliation for the sake of the cause to achieve a goal (Stay the Course)
Avoid internal violence of the spirit as well as external physical violence (Love Yourself)
The Universe is on the side of justice (Trust)

Lafayette knows King’s teachings well. He has dedicated his life to spreading the nonviolence movement by teaching others how to use the principles and become Kingian instructors themselves. Two years ago he came to Watertown to teach 24 students, 17 school staff and three police officers. Since then, that group has reached more than 2,500 people in different events, according to Ruth Henry, a Watertown Middle School teacher who helped bring the Kingian principles to town.

Architects Cut Millions Out of Cost Estimate for Renovating Watertown’s Elementary Schools

The School Building Committee had some sticker shock when members saw the original cost estimate for renovating and rebuilding Watertown’s three elementary schools, but architects delved deeper into the project found ways to cut more than $40 million off the cost. On Wednesday night, Scott Dunlap, principal of Ai3 Architects, said designers found an estimated $42.7 million in savings by looking at a variety of areas. The total cost estimate, including contingency funds, design costs and other costs, would be $134.9 million. The cost estimates also include $2,800 per student for furniture, equipment and technology, with half that amount for technology, Dunlap said. A big savings — $11.9 million — would be cut by staggering the construction and using the old part of Hosmer Elemntary School as swing space during construction at Lowell and Cunniff elementary schools. This would shorten the construction schedule and would mean other schools would not need to put up modular classrooms.

This part of the savings became a topic of discussion among School Building Committee members.

Watertown High School Strives to Bring Attention to Faded Banner Honoring WWI Veterans

Hidden in plain sight at Watertown High School is a banner dating back 100 years, made to honor the town residents who went to serve in World War I, as well as, those who died in the “War to End All Wars.” The banner is located in a glass case, not far from the top of the central staircase on the second floor of the high school. It caught the interest of Kraig Gustafson, the AP U.S. History teacher and the district’s grade 6-12 Social Studies Coordinator. He also wanted to do something to honor others who served in the military at that time and since then. Once bordered with bright red with a white center and hundreds of stars some of which form the letters W-H-S, the banner now appears in different shades of gray.

Dedication of New Mural Featuring MLK’s Nonviolent Teachings Coming Soon

This week, a mural focusing on the nonviolence teachings of Martin Luther King will be dedicated. The ceremony outside the Watertown Boys & Girls Club will be attended by a friend of MLK and Civil Rights leader, who teaches nonviolent conflict resolution. The effort to spread Martin Luther King Jr.’s commitment to nonviolent conflict resolution started in Watertown several years ago. In 2016, the Watertown Public Schools trained students and teachers in the Kingian philosophy and welcomed Dr. Bernard Lafayette, a friend of MLK who helped him in his Civil Rights efforts. Lafayette will return to town on Thursday, June 7, 2018, for the dedication of the mural next to the basketball courts outside the Watertown Boys & Girls Club.

WHS Class of 2018: A Tight Knit Group of Students Who Care About Each Other

The message from the graduation speeches on Friday evening was that Watertown High School’s Class of 2018 is a tight group that supports and celebrates each other, putting the whole group ahead of any one individual. When describing the graduating class, Principal Shirley Lundberg used a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that finishes: “… To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, that is to have succeeded.” “Class of 2018, you have not only only embraced that philosophy, but as a class you have made it your mission,” Lundberg said. This year’s senior class has shown how much they care about each other, Lundberg said.

Congratulations to Watertown High School’s Class of 2018!

Congratulations to the members of the Watertown High School Class of 2018 on their graduation on Friday evening! The 158 graduates received their diplomas at Victory Field in front of stands overflowing with family and friends. 2018 Watertown High School Graduates

(+ Cum Laude Society, * National Honor Society)
Alexander Abrahamyan +*
Jillian Anissa Achbady

Muhammad Ahad

Melanie Elizabeth Alberico

Evan James Aldridge

Hakeem Alhady

Amelia Blake Allison *

Mosab K. Amleh

Yaiza Andujar

Akram Mohamed Babali

Anthony Edward Bedrosian

Madiha Begum

Sarah Meehan Benites *

Christina Shirley Borelli *

Benjamin Thomas Bresnee

Angus Hugh Gorman Brouillard

Gabriella Ann Cacia *

Alexis Ann Caira *

Liz Krystal Cam

Timothy Nicholas Camelio

Aiden Isabella Carroll

Sandra Maria Chacon

Joseph Alexander Chau *

Sepahn Chiloyan

Gabriel Giovanni Cimino *

Ruby Charlotte Cohen

Nicholas Cameron Cordeiro +*

Caroline Grace Costa +*

Julia Cottone

Gabriel John Craig

William Israel Cruz

Arianna Virginia Curry

Caroline Theresa D’Amico

Nelziclea Lima Da Silva

Robert Danielian

Julie Maryam Der Torossian

Lori Anne Dorian

Katherine Ann Eaton

Harry Peter Edgely

Lauren Ann Ellis

Fernando Alexander Escamilla Flores

Daniel Louis Fabrizio

David Mark Fabrizio

Hadi Hassan Farhat

Rafael Servare Faria

Alexander James Feltner Harrison *

Edward Gomes Ferreira

Michael James Flynn

Meghan Mary Foley *

Liam Sean Forde

WHS Class of 2018: A Tight Knit Group of Students Who Care About Each Other

Julio Fulcar

Jacquelyn Marie Furbish

Claire Hennacy Gabel +*

Valentina Javiera Gaete Hurtado

Owen Patrick Gallagher

Camilla Alejandra Gana

Michela Josephine Gardner

Jaylene Janayna Garzon

Anna Katerina Gellerman

Natali Gevorgyan *

Valerie Gladun

Siobhan Maureen Greene *

Elian Alexander Guerrero

Melanie Halibian *

Nicholas Patrick Hatfield

Miles Benjamin Hohmann

David Ramos Inacio

Dida Jajan

Rebeka Kadi

Saro Karaguesian

David Alexander Kennedy

Jonna Renee Kennedy *

Conor Michael Kennelly

Hovhannes Khacheryan

Risa Maryam Kiani

Michaela Araxi Kinnear

Elizbeth Ann Knell

John Butler Korte

Christopher Anastasios Koufos *

Emily Rose Koufos *

Andrew Charles Koutroukas +*

Benjamin Patrick Landry

Stephanie Athanasios Laskaris

Katherine Olivia Lawn *

Madelyn Alyssa Leitner

Elijah Asher Bertram Levy

Amanda Virginia Lewis

Jaime Leanne MacDonald

Bryan Anthony MacKenzie

Claudia Lilian Marr Calderon

Jake Ryan Matton

Zachery Richardson Mazzie-Smith

Spencer Margaret McClellan +*

Eva Madeleine McDonald

Brianna Grace McKaughan

Cali Anne McMahon

Jose Luis Mendoza Corea

Camryn Rose Moschella

Diego Alejandro Moscoso

Rachael Takyuka Nakato Mukuye

Ruth Mirembe Babirye Mukuye

Matthew Paul Muldrew

Harrison John Myler

Vazken Ariss Nalbandian

Patra Lillianne Namuddu

Jeannie Ngan *

Mark Joseph Nilan

Katherine Nilov +*

Jonathan Antoine Normilus

Taylor Michelle Nygren

Anahid Lily Ohanyan

Jeremy Oliver Sherry Ornstein +*

Anthony Robert Panza

Ioannis Papadopoulos

Styliani-Eleni Papadopoulou *

Stamatios George Papastamatiou

Catherine Anna Papayannopoulos *

Tia Marisa Pellegrini *

Katlin Dorothy Pelletier *

Daniel Stephen Perry

Carolina Pesqueira

Lauren Rose Petrillo +*

Isaiah Thomas Pierre

Stellios George Pistoftzian

Sydney Yolande Poulin *

Elizabeth May Powderly +*

Ayah Rahim

Kian Abe Rice *

Mariam Hassan Roda *

Wenston Andre Rodriguez

Molly Anne Ryan *

Olivia Gail Ruan

Sergio Salas

Kelsey Adriana Sanchez Coronado

Destiny Marie Santalucia +*

Anna Carolina Bomfim Santos

Christine Saroufim *

Julian Giovanni Schepis *

Ana Isabel Murray Scott *

Artur Sedrakyan

Tigran Levoni Shahnazaryan

Elza Arkadievna Shakhverdova *

Ribina Goharik Simikyan

Brianna Cailtin Sullivan

Timothy Tat *

Michael Alexander Thompson *

Li Ping Elizabeth Titterington

Kerrianne Toland

Kaitlin Marie Tracy +*

Adriana Stephania Villa-Perez

Isabella Marion Vitti *

Rubina Rita Vosbigian *

Connor Daniel Walsh

James Daniel Walter

Mehmet Akif Yagcioglu

Albert Stephan Yildirim

Nicholas Anthony Zegarelli

Ana Houri Zoubian