Energy Efficiency, Sustainability Goals for Watertown’s New Schools

A rendering of what the new Hosmer Elementary School could look like. The School Building Committee affirmed its commitment to making Watertown’s new elementary schools energy efficient and built in sustainable ways. The committee that is overseeing the school projects at Hosmer, Cunniff and Lowell elementary schools voted unanimously on June 19 to approve sustainability goals for the project. Architect Scott Dunlap from Ai3 also discussed some details of the design and ways they can be efficient and sustainable. The Sustainability Subcommittee of the School Building Committee presented the proposed goal, which called for striving for Net Zero buildings and to reach LEED Gold standards for the sustainability of the projects at the two new school buildings (Cunniff and Hosmer), while efforts would be made to make the Lowell energy efficient and sustainable.

Watertown Library Offers a Universe of Summer Reading Options

A view of what the current Watertown Free Public Library. The Watertown Library provided the following announcement:

Summer reading at the Watertown Free Public Library begins soon! This year’s theme is A Universe of Stories, and we can’t wait to share our stellar book lists, reading challenges, and prizes with you. The library offers summer reading programs for all ages, so whether you’re a fan of CatStronauts, Star Wars, or Stephen Hawking, we’re bound to have something that’s about your speed. And by the way, summer reading isn’t limited to space books!

Watertown High Students Will Be Able to Show They are Bilingual on their Diplomas

Watertown High School students will soon be able to have the Seal of Biliteracy on their diplomas and transcripts. Students in the Watertown Public Schools speak 59 languages, Kate Phillipson, director of English as a Second Language Coordinator told the School Committee Monday night. Some learn a language in school, others speak a language other than English at home, and still more take language classes outside of school. “The State Seal of Biliteracy is a nationally and state recognized seal that recognizes graduates that speak, listen, read, and write proficiently in more than one language,” said Adam Silverberg, the district’s World Language Coordinator. The seal will be placed on diplomas and transcripts, Silverberg said, and students could be recognized during graduation.

Many Watertown Students Among Minuteman Award, Scholarship Winners

Minuteman High School in Lexington. The following announcement was provided by Minuteman High School:

The following awards and scholarships were presented to members of the Class of 2019 from Minuteman High School in Lexington:

National Honor Society: Noor Alwaz (Watertown), Tazmin Anbar (Watertown), Benjamin Cook (Arlington), Sabrina Correa (Arlington), Arrik Crouse (Acton), Matthew Dunham (Stoneham), Fae Eisenheim (Arlington), Anthony Fiore (Woburn), Seth Flueckiger (Needham), Kimmee Hanson (Lancaster), Adnan Kabir (Arlington), Benjamin Keaton (Concord), Sophia Li (Acton), Judeleen Modestin (Everett), Kaienteres Maracle (Lexington), William McPhee (Winchester), Halle Merkowitz (Peabody), Jennifer Mills (Waltham), Jordan Mills (Waltham), Ethan Moore (Arlington), Lillian Powell (Wayland), Sage Romano (Woburn), Edward Seidman (Watertown), Daniel Spencer (Arlington), Amanda Sullivan (Arlington). Outstanding Vocational Technical Student of the Year: Sophia Li (Acton). Co-sponsored by the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators and the Massachusetts Vocational Association

2019 John & Abigail Adams Scholarship Recipients: Jeffrey Benoit (Lancaster), Tyler Benoit (Lancaster), David Castillo-Ordonez (Watertown), Benjamin Cook (Arlington), Henry Dionne (Concord), Laura Espinosa-Jaramillo (Lincoln), Tyler Ferrin (Tewksbury), Noa Geva (Lexington), Isabel Halstead (Lexington), Samuel Harris (Lncaster), Devon Jones (Arlington), Adnan Kabir (Arlington), Levi Kane (Lancaster), Matthew Larzelere (Stoneham), Sophia Li (Acton), Michael Merrick (Lexington), Jennifer Mills (Waltham), Jordan Mills (Waltham), Ethan Moore (Arlington), Stephen Munroe (Watertown), Lillian Powell (Wayland), Daniel Spencer (Arlington), Amanda Sullivan (Arlington), Zachary Umbsen (Watertown), Elizabeth Whitman-Kinghorn (Lexington), Jeremy Whitman-Kinghorn (Lexington)

Senior Class Officers:

President | Amanda Sullivan (Arlington)Vice President | Erica Grandon (Arlington)Secretary | Tyler Benoit (Lancaster)Treasurer | Jordan Mills (Waltham)

President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence: Tazmin Anbar (Watertown), Jeffrey Benoit (Lancaster), Tyler Benoit (Lancaster), Jared Burke (Waltham), Saba Challant (Winchester), Henry Dionne (Concord), Matthew Dunham (Stoneham), Fae Eisenheim (Arlington), Tyler Ferrin (Tewksbury), Noa Geva (Lexington), Kimmee Hanson (Lancaster), Benjamin Keaton (Concord), Sophia Li (Acton), Kaienteres Maracle (Lexington), Halle Merkowitz (Peabody), Michael Merrick (Lexington), Jennifer Mills (Waltham), Jordan Mills (Waltham), Ethan Moore (Arlington), Stephen Munroe (Watertown), Edward Seidman (Watertown), Daniel Spencer (Arlington), Amanda Sullivan (Arlington), Paige Zbyszewski (Arlington)

President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: Luc Barbeau (Medford), Jonathan Benoit (Lancaster), David Castillo-Ordonez (Watertown), Benjamin Cook (Arlington), Jayne Coppola (Lexington), Sabrina Correa (Arlington), Arrik Crouse (Acton), Jenna DeCampo (Arlington), Nicholas Delorey (Concord), Nicholas DeVincent (Sudbury), Jake Dionne (Concord), Laura Espinosa Jaramillo (Linncoln), Lyazzat Feldman (Arlington), Robert Floyd (Lancaster), Sarai Gonzalez (Acton), Erica Grandon (Arlington), Samuel Harris (Lancaster), Adnan Kabir (Arlington), Matthew Larzelere (Stoneham), James Linarte (Watertown), William McPhee (Winchester), Judeleen Modestin (Everett), Andrew Nash (Waltham), Jordyn Nobrega (Burlington), Alexander Northup (Needham), Lillian Powell (Wayland), Sage Romano (Woburn), Ethan Scerra (Concord), Samantha Thebodo (Arlington), Elizabeth Whitman-Kinghorn (Lexington), Jeremy Whitman-Kinghorn (Lexington), Justin Wood (Burlington)


The Community Service and Interact Club would like to recognize the following students for their outstanding work during Minuteman’s Community Service and Learning Trip. Each of these students volunteered over 45 hours the spring of 2019 in Puerto Rico.

Designing of Watertown’s New Elementary Schools Entering the Home Stretch

An illustration showing one corner of the new Cunniff Elementary School. This corner, closest to Warren Street, is where the media center will be located. Architects will soon be completing the designs for Watertown’s elementary schools, and the committee overseeing the project wants to give input before the final touches are put on the plans. The end of the design development stage will be in late July, and some on the School Building Committee want to get more details on the materials that will be used on the exterior and what the interiors of the new school will look like. On June 5, Ai3 Architect’s Scott Dunlap provided an update on the school designs, including touching on what the exteriors will look like.

Rotary Club of Watertown Awards $10,000 in Scholarships

The Rotary Club of Watertown awarded more than $10,000 in college scholarships to 11 high school seniors. The award winners were presented to students from Watertown High School, Waldorf School and Mt. Alvernia High School. H. Nish Boyajian Memorial Scholarship – Neila Magloire, $1,000 WHSStephen Everett Memorial Scholarship – Gabriella Venezia, $1,000 WHS Domenic “Dick” Trabucco Memorial Scholarship – Christopher J. Iannetta, $1,000 WHS Domenic “Dick” Trabucco Memorial Scholarship – Olivia Lampasona $1,000 WHS Student Speaker Award – Sukeina Attar, $1,000 WHS Rotary Merit Scholarship – Smaranda Costiner, $1,000 Waldorf Rotary Merit Scholarship – Meron Hagos, $1,000 WHS Rotary Merit Scholarship – Levon Haroutunian, $750 WHS Rotary Merit Scholarship – Kristen Tracy, $750 WHS Rotary Merit Scholarship – Mairead Walsh, $1,000 Mt. Alvernia Rotary Merit Scholarship – Christine Zhu, $1,000 WHS

Watertown High School’s Class of 2019 Celebrates Graduation

Members of Watertown High School’s Class of 2019 celebrate graduating on Friday evening. The student speakers at Watertown High School’s 2019 graduation shared memories of their four years at the high school, remarked on the students’ ability to adapt and thrive, and shared advice about how to be better people. The WHS Class of 2019 celebrated the culmination of four years of hard work, fun and congeniality during Friday evenings graduation ceremony at Victory Field. See the graduate list here. Valedictorian Joshua Theodore said the Class of 2019 is part of the generation that exists in two realities: in real life and on social media.

Congrats to the Watertown High School Class of 2019!

The Watertown High School Class of 2019 celebrates graduating by throwing their hats in the air at Victory Field on Friday. The senior class officially graduated from Watertown High School on Friday evening. The 147 members of the Class of 2019 received their diplomas at a ceremony held at Victory Field on Friday evening. Watertown High School Class of 2019

Armand Suren AckanAria AghaeeJose Abraham AguilarElizabeth Bridget AllenGiovannie AntenorHovanes Harout AroyianJuliana Angela ArrudaPeter AthanasopoulosSukeina Mohamed AttarJorge Alexander Barrientos AmbrocioJack David BarryOlivia Leslie Beauvoir HaggertyJoseph Carl BiagiottiMary Maria BoyajianMaxsym Kenton BrinkleyKyra BruggerMax Arthur Bunnell Meaghan Teresa BurnsMange Charles Kamborian CamaraJimena Canales-AlfaroRifat Ali CancaLucia Walter Capone +*Michael Alexander Charles CaseAnthony Abdo ChebliMary Cimen *Lauren Michelle ColeCatherine Theresa ConnorsPatrick John CorbettDavid Y DanielianEmily Danielian +*Vahe DanielyanGeorge Andrew Darmody *Renata Ferrazoli Beltrami DaSilvaAhmed Ziad DawLuiz Eduardo De Souza CamposJaylene Catalina DeJesusMohammad B DiaAurora Hope DominguezIgor Furtado Dos SantosEidy Enrique DuarteShannon Mary DunnJafiah River EdwardsAlex William EganSandro Emmanuel EymaBenjamin Michael FandettiJulia Brooks Farry +*Noah Echt FerraressoBryan Sales FerreiraNathan Johnson Follett +*Albert FounEmily Pauline FurtadoMelanne Diana Ghahraman *Danielli Santos GomesMarissa Elizabeth Gorman +*Dante Christian GrecoJulia Neve Greim +*Mary Kate GriffinAva Anastasia GrilloMarlena Nichole HachePiper Liehla HadleyMeron Demsash Hagos +*Yoseph Assad HamadNiki Hamidi *Levon HaroutunianCourtney Marie HarshAndrew Jay Hayek +*Brian Hidalgo MonterrosaCatherine Lenore Holt +*Shannon Janell HughesReem Hussein *Christopher Joseph Iannetta *Jhonatan Ramos Inacio *

Watertown High School’s Class of 2019 Celebrates Graduation

Shariel Lydie JosephMaxwell Phillips JuscenXhonatan KadiRuben Gevork KarapetyanVishan Kavidhu KarunaratneBandna Kaur *Graeme Sutton KelleherChristopher James KerriganEva Fawaz KhalilHana KhanSajjad KhanOdai Amer KhudariSelin KuguOlivia Jane Lampasona *Jennifer Catherine LawlorRobert Christopher LeonardJoseph David LessardMarco Philip LibertiniMarcela Yolanda Lopez-RomeroAshley Raquel Lopez-VasquezDerrick LwanjoJalen Cassidy MacDonaldSeyedsepehr MadaniNeila Coralie Magloire *Tyler William MalovichMichael Armani Manoukian *Diana MargaryanAshley Hassy MawandaNicolas David McDermottEmma Margaret McGoldrickMacayla Elizabeth McNamaraGaro Nareg MelkonianJohann Dayan Mendez JuliaoSamuel Charles MikulkaShannon Rose MungerLuke James MurphyKate Somers Myler *Irene Lynn NagawaNicholas James NardoneShayla Leandra NealSleemy NicolasGabrielle Marie NolanSawaira NoorFernando NunesCaleb Thomas Karl OrvikDavid Lucas Bastos OuelletHaralambos PapadopoulosMiten Dharmesh PatelLoreto Carmen PellegriniAbigael Elizabeth Rose PetersonChristopher Ryan PetersonHonor Segal Petrie *Shelby Elizabeth PirozziHina Khan Rafiq *Vanessa RomeroTrevor Daniel RussoPamelaly Michelle SantosRuben Oscar Sanchez Sara *Phen Kirian Walters SarlesAndre Aersalan Shirevani HarandiMohamed Hussein Shuman *Sourin Ohanes SimonyanAlessandra Claudia SolariJason Tyler StarnesBrett Michael SutherlandMillena Fagundes SzytkoJoshua Robert Theodore +*Seren Dala TheriaultKristen Elizabeth Tracy *Daniel Hunter VanRynGabriella Rose Venezia +*Justin Joseph Viasus +*Ehsan Ahmad YaqhubiHagop YazjianChristine Zhu +*

+ Cum Laude Society

*Natinoal Honor Society