Watertown Firefighters Attend Graduations of Children of Lost Comrades

Jocelyn Orangio, daughter of late-Watertown Fire Chief Mario Orangio, was joined by members of the Watertown Fire Department at her graduation from Clark University. Firefighter pictured, L-R: Captain J. Russo, Deputy Chief R. Nicholson, Firefighter T. Donovan, Deputy Chief T. McManus, Lieutenant R. Mannix, Lieutenant E. Allen, Firefighter T. Davis, Firefighter G. McManus.

Members of the Watertown Fire Department showed they do not forget their fallen colleagues by attending their children’s college graduations this week.

Small Saves: Hat Trick

James DeMarco grew up in Watertown and became a goaltender at age 5. It’s his life’s passion to stand between the pipes and keep the puck out of the net. Combining this with the love of cartooning, Small Saves emerged in 1991 and took on a life of his own. “To play goal–then come home and draw Small Saves — is my ideal definition of a good day.”