Residents Can Apply to Serve on Town Boards and Committees

The following information was provided by the Town Manager’s Office:

Town Manager Michael J. Driscoll is seeking Watertown citizens interested in serving on the following Town Boards, Commissions and Committees with appointment dates in February 2020 in accordance with Ordinance # 2007-46, an Ordinance on the Timing and Process of Appointments to Town Boards, Commissions and Committees. 

Several Options for New High School, All Have Some Headaches

An illustration of how a new high school building with a four story academic wing could fit on the current WHS site. Architect Scott Dunlap stressed this is just a mock up to see if it would fit, not a design.

Designers of the new Watertown High School presented several options for how and where new building could be built, but none of the options were simple and all have challenges.