Repaving Project Continuing This Week on N. Beacon St., Charles River Road

Roads inside and outside of the Arsenal on the Charles will be repaved in early June. Roadwork will soon resume at the intersection of North Beacon Street and Charles River Road near the driveway to the Arsenal on the Charles. Athenahealth and its contractor, Charles Contracting, announced that road paving will take place in the area on Monday, March 17 and Tuesday, March 18 beginning at 9 a.m. (weather permitting). Athena owns the Arsenal on the Charles complex. Residents on that stretch of road are being asked to remove cars from driveways prior to this time “as you will not have access to driveways during this process,” the announcement said.

Repaving Could Cause Delays on North Beacon, Charles River Road

Roads inside and outside of the Arsenal on the Charles will be repaved in early June. Some of the roads inside and outside Arsenal on the Charles will be repaved beginning June 10, 2019. Beginning at 7 a.m. on Monday, June 10, the area where North Beacon Street meets Charles River Road (near the Arsenal on the Charles driveway). Also starting that day is work on roadways inside the complex, including the area off the east entrance to the complex from Arsenal Street (Talcott Avenue). The top layer of the roadway will be ground, or milled, down 1.5 to 1.75 inches, and the manhole and other castings will be adjusted.

Athenahealth CEO, Co-Founder Steps Down, Sale of Company May be Near

Jonathan Bush, CEO, president and co-founder of Athenahealth, has stepped down, and the Watertown-based company may be sold, company officials announced Wednesday. 

Reports surfaced last week of complaints against Bush acting inappropriate with female employees at an industry, and in late May it was reported that he had physically assaulted his now ex-wife more than a decade ago. Bush is a nephew of former President George H.W. Bush. At the same time, the health care technology company has been the target of activist hedge fund Elliot Management Corp., which made an offer to purchase the company for $160 a share. The fund contends that Athena had been mismanaged. On Wednesday, Athenahealth officials released a statement announcing Bush’s departure.

Athenahealth Lays Off 100s of Workers, Closes Satellite Offices

Watertown’s biggest employer and owner of the Arsenal on the Charles complex had big layoffs Thursday and closed offices in other locations. The Boston Business Journal reported that the company laid off 400 people, including some at the Watertown headquarters, and closed offices in San Francisco and Princeton, N.J. The Boston Globe put the layoffs at 500, or 9 percent of the overall workforce. Athenahealth had about 2,300 employees in Watertown. “We do not take the decision to reduce our workforce lightly, but these are necessary changes to enable athenahealth to succeed over the long-term,” the company said in a statement. The job cuts come at the same time that Athenahealth has teamed with the town and the state on a multi-million dollar project based on adding jobs at its Watertown headquarters.

Neighbors Fed Up With Impact of Atheahealth Construction Project

Residents living near the east end of North Beacon Street in Watertown reached the end of their patience this week and let officials at Athenahealth know about how upset they are with the impact the company’s construction project is having on their neighborhood. Athenahealth has started construction on a new parking garage on the westside of its campus at the Arsenal on the Charles – which is the beginning of a multiphase project to expand the campus. Neighbors say cars have spilled out of the campus and are parking on North Beacon Street and side streets. Then this week construction trucks began coming up Charles River Road – normally a no-truck route – and are using a driveway that they were told would only be used by emergency vehicles. “Monday, trucks starting coming out of the curb cut and one gets stuck and State Police had to come and close North Beacon Street for 15 minutes,” said North Beacon Street resident Kathy Santoian.

LETTER: Neighbors Say Athenahealth ‘Can Do Better’ With Construction, Parking, Lights

Dear Athena,

Have to say, we are wondering when Athenahealth is going to live up to their last few years of lip service about being good neighbors and communicating with the town. Since garage construction was recently approved, right now would seem to be a good time to start sending notices in the mail, opening up a webpage, and sharing contact info for community concerns about construction issues. Searching through all related documents and emails, we could find only one person to contact. Apologies, Mark Blair for sending our first email only to you, but we had no other contact information. Please forward to other appropriate contacts at Athena.

First Phase of Arsenal Renovation Approved, Including Large Parking Garage

The first phase of the renovation of the Arsenal on the Charles, including a garage with more than 1,300 spaces, was unanimously approved by the Planning Board last week.  
The first phase of athenahealth’s master plan to expand and upgrade the Arsenal Complex consists of the new west parking garage, along with a new building on Arsenal Street and a pocket park along North Beacon Street. The new garage will have it has 1,390 spaces and is expandable to 1522 if stackers are put on the bottom floor of the garage, said Bob Corning, principal with Stantec. Using the stackers, one car will be put on a lift, raised up leaving space for a second car to park underneath. Some of the goals of athenahealth’s master plan is to make the campus more permeable for pedestrians, and accessible and inviting to the public, said Mark Blair, director of athenaenvironment. 
One way they are doing this is by widening the sidewalk in front of the new commercial building on Arsenal Street, near School Street. Landscaping and places to gather will be installed in that area.

Changes Made to Garage in Athenahealths’ Renovation of the Arsenal Complex

Some significant changes have been made to the proposed first phase of the Arsenal on the Charles renovation, including an alteration of the garage. 

Tuesday night, official from complex-owners Athenahealth discussed Phase 1 of the project, which will go before the Planning Board in September. The most significant change will be the removal of one of the two underground levels of parking in the new structure going on the west side of the Arsenal on the Charles. The change was made because there were some concerns about groundwater and soil removal, said Bob Corning, senior principal with Stantec. “The massing and height of the garage will be the same,” Corning said. “The underground level will be a bit taller to allow for stacked parking (cars on lifts) in the future if necessary.”