Mexican Restaurant Added to Line Up at Arsenal Yards

The following information was provided by Boylston Properties and The Wilder Cos.:
Boylston Properties and The Wilder Companies proudly announced today that Condesa Restaurante Mexicano will join Shake Shack, Pokeworks and City Works Eatery and Pour House at Arsenal Yards. With two locations in Rhode Island, brothers Roberto and Ernesto Leon will open their third Condesa Restaurante Mexicano in 2019 at Arsenal Yards. By 2020 Arsenal Yards will be a thriving new neighborhood comprised of over more than one million square feet of development including 250,000 sq. ft. of curated shops, eclectic eateries, fresh groceries from Roche Bros., and a seven screen cinema, The Majestic at Arsenal Yards, plus 200,000 sq.

Restaurant Slated for Arsenal Yards will Bring a Taste of Hawaii to Watertown

The following announcement came from the developers and operators of Arsenal Yards:
Boylston Properties and The Wilder Companies announced today that with construction underway, Pokéworks will bring Hawaiian-inspired eats to Arsenal Yards in 2019. The international, fast-casual concept will join Arsenal Yards’ lineup of diverse food offerings including cult-favorite Shake Shack and New England’s first City Works Eatery and Pour House. By 2020 Arsenal Yards will be a thriving new neighborhood comprised of over more than one million square feet of development including 250,000 sq. ft. of curated shops, eclectic eateries, fresh groceries from Roche Bros., and a seven screen cinema, The Majestic at Arsenal Yards, plus 200,000 sq.

LETTER: Resident Urges Others to Speak Out Against Increasing Height of Tower at Arsenal Yards

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Boylston Properties (BP) is seeking a zoning change at Arsenal Yards. What the published agenda IV. 485 Arsenal Street (click here) amendment fails to disclose is that while BP is again pushing for a height increase to 197 feet at Building G, they are also asking for 80 percent of that height for any additional buildings on their site on the south side of Arsenal Street. They want to create their own separate zone within the RMUD. If approved, those buildings could go to 157.6 feet.

Take a Look Around the Arsenal Yards Construction Site

With approvals for all but one building in the new Arsenal Mall, construction is moving full speed ahead at Arsenal Yards. The public can only access a small portion of the site right now, but Andrew Copelotti, principal with Boylston Properties, led a tour of the site. The walk started over a large expanse of dirt, which includes the former under pass beneath the mall. The entire building that used to sit on top of it is now gone. Where the dirt is located will become Building F, which will include Roche Bros.

Planning Board Approves Having Biotech Companies at Arsenal Yards

The Planning Board gave its approval to allow biotech labs to be located on the second floor of the historic building in the former Arsenal Mall where Marshall’s is located. 

The proposal by Boylston Properties, the developer of Arsenal Yards, had been delayed a month because there were questions about whether labs where biotech research should be located in the same building where retail and restaurants will be located. There was concern that the Town of Watertown did not have the same local safeguards as other area communities. Wednesday night the Planning Board heard from the developers, who also brought in consultants who work with biotech companies and outfit buildings for such lab use. Mark Deschenes from Boylston Properties said his firm did a study of biotech companies in the area and that there are already at least 23 biotech companies in Watertown, with most in East Watertown, and a few on the Westside. He added that there are several examples of biotech companies sharing buildings with retail and other businesses, and that are located near residential buildings.

Arsenal Yards Developers Proposing Limiting Area Where Increased Height Would be Allowed

The developers of Arsenal Yards have submitted an alternative amendment for increased height for the planned residential tower on the former Arsenal Mall property. 

The original proposal called for increasing the allowable height from 130 feet to 197 feet (an increase of 67 feet) for Building G in the Arsenal Yards development. The additional height would allow the condominium building to be 18 stories tall, instead of 12, but would have the same number of units. Also, the footprint of the building would be reduced. The original proposed change to Watertown’s zoning ordinance would apply to properties at least 10 acres in size located anywhere in the Regional Mixed Use District (RMUD), which includes the properties where both malls are located, along with some property along parts of Arsenal Street, Coolidge Avenue, Elm Street and Arlington Street. The alterations proposed by Boylston Properties would ask for the same height increase, but limit it to the areas south of Arsenal Street.

With Renovation of Arsenal Mall Old Boston Garden Scoreboard Needs a New Home

The owner of the former Boston Garden scoreboard needs a new home for the large historic item that used to hang in the Arsenal Mall. With the mall undergoing renovation, the scoreboard’s spot in the mall is no longer available. Ted Tye, a managing partner with National Development, purchased the scoreboard used when Boston sporting Bobby Orr, Larry Bird, and many others played on Causeway Street, was in danger of being desgtroyed. Tye told WHDH Channel 7 that he hopes to find a new home for the scoreboard used in Boston Garden until it closed in 1995. The Garden was demolished in 1998. Tye said he would like to keep in in New England.

Arsenal Yards Developers Seek Biotech Tenants, Planning Board Wants More Details

The latest plans by developers of Arsenal Yards to add biotech research and development space to the multi-use development have been put on hold by the Planning Board. Until now, the focus of the development has been creating new retail and residential space on the former Arsenal Mall property. Developers also have plans to renovate the historic brick buildings on the site, including Building A (where Marshall’s is located). Wednesday night Boylston Properties presented a request to change the approved plans for Building A to allow biotech tenants on the second floor. Mark Deschenes of Boylston Properties said that plans changed since Phase 1 was approved by the Planning Board in May 2017.