Woman Robbed at Gunpoint in Cambridge, Near the Watertown Line

Two men robbed a woman at gunpoint in Cambridge near the Watertown line this week, according in Cambridge Police. The robbery occurred in the area of Cushing Street and Spruce Avenue at about 9:45 p.m. on Tuesday, May 8, which is located across Belmont Street from Intelligentsia Coffee (in Watertown), and not far from the Star Market on Mt. Auburn Street. Officers are currently investigating after a woman reported 2 males — described as dark-skinned and wearing dark clothing — robbed her at gun point in the Star Market parking lot at 699 Mt Auburn St. The suspects fled in an unknown direction.

LETTER: Resident Disappointed by How Decision to Remove Trees Was Made

Dear Mr. Driscoll,

As a resident of Watertown, I am writing to voice my strong displeasure, disappointment, and shock by the recent news that the City of Cambridge has decided to remove several decades-old trees along Linear Park in Watertown, as recently reported in the Watertown Tab {and Watertown News}. These trees, as you no doubt know, provide immense economic, social, and emotional benefits to the residents of our town as well as valuable green space for wildlife. I am not only saddened by the loss of these trees, but am deeply concerned about the way the decision-making process to remove these trees has unfolded over the past several years as Cambridge approached Watertown to inform us of their intent. Local stakeholders were not adequately informed and a clear and community-engaged process was not laid out. My understanding is that the 100 year old water pipe is dug quite deep and is not in danger of tree root infiltration.

Q&A: Town Councilor Talks About Removal of Trees in Town by Cambridge

Residents have reacted strongly to the news that 25 trees behind Town Hall and along the Community Path will be removed. Confusing the matter more is the fact that the trees sit on land that is owned by the City of Cambridge, despite being within the limits of Watertown and in some cases what appears to be people’s back yards. According to a letter sent by Cambridge’s Water Department to a Watertown resident questioning the removal of the trees, the depth of the pipe below the surface is three feet but can be as little as one foot. In their surveying of the pipe, Cambridge officials found a piece of pipe blocked by roots near Arsenal Street. Town Council Vice President Vincent Piccirilli, who represents District C – where the trees are located – responded to questions from Watertown News about the tree removal.