Christmas Tree Disposal & Styrofoam Recycling Event

With the holidays over, it’s time to take down the tree and get rid of the styrofoam packaging. The Watertown Department of Public Works can help you with both of these tasks. Christmas trees will be picked up from the curbside on your regular trash collection day through the month of January. Please no ornaments or plastic bags. The trees will be chipped.

High-Tech Lights on Watertown Square Trees Allow for More Colorful Display

The new lights on the trees on the Watertown Square Delta can change colors and display patterns. The lights on the trees in Watertown Square have gone high tech, and will be lit for more than just the holidays. Residents may have noticed the lights around the trees on the Watertown Delta shine not only brighter, but in different colors. This is the result of the new light system installed by the Department of Public Works, said Jesse Myott, the DPW’s Director of Administration and Finance. For years, the lights on the trees in the Watertown Delta were all white.

Recycle Your Styrofoam at the Watertown DPW Event

Recycle your Styrofoam at the special DPW event. Just in time for the post-holiday cleanup, the Watertown Department of Public Works will host a styrofoam recycling event. Watertown residents will will also have a chance to shred paper and to get rid of tires (no rims). I.D. will be required. It is not open to businesses or commercial entities.

Town Rebidding 2019 Road Projects, Announces Roads Being Repaired in 2020

A road being repaired in Watertown. A higher than expected bid delayed the road repairs in Watertown in 2019, but they Town will seek to do both those roads and another eight in 2020. Tuesday night, the Town Council approved funding for construction of the 2019 projects, and also heard the recommended roads to be reconstructed in 2020. When the Town went to bid on the 2019 roads repair projects in May, only one firm bid on the work and it came in $693,000 (33.1 percent) over the $2.5 million budget, said Department of Public Works Superintendent Gerry Mee. This time, the bids will go out in December, ahead of other municipal road projects, and the work will be split up.

DPW Cleaning Catch Basins Around Watertown This Month

The Watertown Department of Public Works will be cleaning catch basins around town in September. The following announcement was provided by the Department of Public Works:

Catch basins carry stormwater off the streets and into the Town’s drainage system, which ultimately flows to the Charles River. The purpose of this work is to remove sediment and oils that accumulate in the catch basins to reduce the risk of flooding and so that these pollutants don’t go into the river. Remember to keep catch basins free and clear of debris that could clog them when it rains. And help keep the Town and river clean by never placing dog waste, leaves, litter or pollutants down the storm drain.

Roadwork Causing Detours on Arsenal Street This Week

Drivers on Arsenal Street will be detoured in one direction beginning this week, and the Watertown Department of Public Works provided the following announcement:

Emergency work to replace the collapsed culvert on Arsenal Street, near #275 Arsenal Street and Louise Street, will recommence tomorrow, Tuesday, August 27. The next phase of work includes performing a test pit over the Cambridge water main to determine its depth and then completing removal of the collapsed stone-laid culvert and replacing with 15-inch PVC pipe. To facilitate the work, Arsenal Street WESTBOUND thru traffic will be detoured at School Street during the working hours of 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Local traffic will continue to have access to the businesses abutting Arsenal Street up to Tile Showcase (#285 Arsenal Street) and Lexus (#314 Arsenal Street).  MBTA buses will be allowed through the work zone. Arsenal Street EASTBOUND will remain open to thru traffic through the work area, but intermittent delays should be expected. We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding during this necessary work. This phase of work will complete the emergency repairs, with the old stone culvert having been removed from Arsenal Street and replaced with upgraded infrastructure

New Roundabout, Traffic Light Added to Common Street

An overhead view of Common Street, including the new roundabout on the right end, and the new traffic light at Common and Spring streets (left side, near the green sections). A much used road in Watertown has undergone a transformation this summer, and drivers will see a new roundabout and a traffic light. The roundabout is located at the five-prong intersection of Common Street with Orchard Street and Church Street. Workers have completed the repaving of the intersection and the roundabout is operational, according to the Watertown Department of Public Works. “The contractor has placed temporary pavement markings, signage and message boards throughout the area,” the DPW announcement said.

See the Detours Coming Up for the Common St. Project

Detours will be set up around the repaving project on Common Street. The work area (in yellow) also includes Katherine Road. The close roads are in red. The detours are shown in purple and the streets open only to local traffic are in lime green. Detours will be set up for a week in Watertown around the repaving area on Common Street.