Discount Available on Solar Systems for Watertown Residents

The following information was provided by Neighborhood Solar:

Now Is a Great Time to Consider Solar! Come Find Out Why! Please join Watertown Faces Climate Change, Belmont Goes Solar, and Neighborhood Solar for an informative presentation on the benefits of installing solar and why now is the perfect time to consider it. 

Neighborhood Solar is a local nonprofit working to leverage a group-buy to make a solar installation more affordable. Right now, and until July 31st, Watertown residents, businesses, and nonprofits can save 20 percent off the base-price of installation, receive a 30 percent federal tax credit, use Massachusetts’s new SMART incentive, and apply for a zero-down loan to get the work done! Date: June 13, 2019

Time: 7:00 PM

Place: Habitat, Education and Wildlife Sanctuary, 10 Juniper Road, Belmont, MA 02478

Watertown Residents Can Join Solar Discount Program

Watertown residents can participate in a program offering discounts on home solar systems.

Organizers sent out the following information:

From March 1, 2019, to July 31, 2019, Neighborhood Solar joins Watertown Faces Climate Change, a 350 node and a working group of Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment, Belmont goes Solar, Mothers Out Front, GreenCambridge, and 350-Cambridge, in offering the communities of Watertown, Belmont, and Cambridge a solar group purchase discount program. An all-volunteer program, Neighborhood Solar offers residents, businesses, and non-profits in Watertown, Belmont, and Cambridge a 20 percent discount on solar photovoltaics and a 14 percent discount on solar hot water. Its installers are SunBug Solar, a seven year-running Angie’s List Super Service Award winner, and New England Solar Hot Water. The offer is designed to take advantage of Massachusetts’ new SMART solar incentive program (photovoltaics), the Mass CEC rebates and Alternative Energy Certificates (solar hot water), the last year of the 30 percent federal tax credit, combined with the best solar prices and the best solar quality and craftsmanship. All evaluations and proposals are free.

Solar Panel Requirement for New Buildings Supported by Council Subcommittee

New developments in Watertown would have to put up a solar energy system if the zoning amendment heard by a Town Council subcommittee is adopted by the full Town Council. Watertown would become the first community in Massachusetts to require solar energy systems on new developments, Ed Lewis, the Town’s Energy Manager, told the Economic Development and Planning Committee Tuesday night. Other communities and the state has come up with proposed ordinances, but none has enacted them, Lewis said. Town Councilor Vincent Piccirilli said it is nice to be leading the way. “I’m excited to be the first in the state to require solar on buildings,” Piccirilli said.

Find Out About How to Take Part in Limited Time Solar Program

Find out about getting solar for you home at an upcoming meeting, announced Neighborhood Solar. An informational meeting for the time-limited solar offer for the towns of Watertown, Arlington, Cambridge, Belmont, and Somerville, endorsed by the Watertown Environmental and Energy Efficiency Committee, Sustainable Arlington, and Green Cambridge will be held at the Arlington Library Community Room, Robbins Public Library, 700 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, MA, on Oct. 25, 2016 at 7 p.m.

This solar initiative is designed to be local, fair, and transparent. Details are available at The program is open to all residents, businesses, and non-profits. Any questions or concerns about participation, please contact Jocelyn Tager at to determine eligibility.

LETTER: Thanks to Those Who Helped Make Home Solar Effort a Success

Now that Neighborhood Solar II has drawn to a close, I wish to thank all who made this program a success. First thanks go to Quinton Zondervan of Green Cambridge, who asked that Neighborhood Solar be reopened so that the residents of Cambridge, as well as Watertown, could have the opportunity to take advantage of the program. A special thanks to Ben Mayer of SunBug Solar for his willingness to reopen the program and again be Neighborhood Solar’s installer. Danny Labbe of SunBug did a spectacular job of coordinating its response to inquiries from those wishing to participate. A solar program is only as good as its installer, and Neighborhood Solar was lucky enough to have the very, very best.

Find Out About Getting a Solar for Your Home

People interested in adding a solar system to their home can attend an informational meeting in Cambridge. 

The informational meeting about a time-limited solar offer sponsored by Green Cambridge and Neighborhood Solar will be held at the Cambridge Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Ave., on July 7, 2015, at 7 p.m. Neighborhood Solar is a Watertown-based solar initiative designed to be local, fair, and transparent. Details are available at The program is open to all residents, businesses, and non-profits in Watertown and Cambridge. Anyone residing in a neighboring community who wishes to participate can do so by contacting Jocelyn Tager at to determine eligibility.

LETTER: Watertown Residents Can Join Neighborhood Solar Program

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is with great pleasure that Neighborhood Solar II is launched. Green Cambridge is partnering with Neighborhood Solar to help promote this program in Cambridge. Right now, Massachusetts has excellent solar incentives and the federal government is giving a 30 percent tax credit through 2016. The goal of Neighborhood Solar is to combine these incentives and tax credits with the best solar prices and the best solar quality and craftsmanship. With this in mind, and based on the success of Neighborhood Solar I, SunBug Solar has agreed to be the installer.

LETTER: Watertown Resident Joining Community Solar Program

Dear Editor and Watertown Neighbors,

I know that many of you have received information about a current Watertown solar initiative called Neighborhood Solar. Recently, my husband, David Breakstone, and I decided to explore this option.  We had no idea what to expect. 

I attended one of the informational meetings and found Ben Mayer of SunBug well-organized, informative, and willing to answer all questions. The program and the process made sense, so David and I asked SunBug Solar, Neighborhood Solar’s installer, to do a site visit and give us a proposal. We thought we would not be good candidates because our roof is already partly covered with solar thermal panels for hot water. Ben Mayer’s site visit affirmed that we could indeed have solar photovoltaic panels.