Several Trees Along Arsenal Street Slated to be Removed

A hearing will be held this week about a string of trees along Arsenal Street that are on the list to be removed. Most of trees are on the north side of the street, and stretch between Lexus of Watertown and the new apartment complex being built on Arsenal Street. According to the Watertown Tree Warden Chris Hayward’s announcement, seven honeylocust trees at 222 Arsenal Street are scheduled to be removed to make way for the proposed bikeway. Another tree on the other side, at 191 Arsenal Street, is also slated to be removed to accommodate widening of the roadway. The Tree Warden will hold hearing will be held on Thursday, May 12 at 11:30 a.m. in the Lower Hearing Room of Town Hall, 149 Main St.

See the Trees Available From the Town to Plant in Front of Your Home

Watertown Tree Warden Chris Hayward released the list of tree species available for residents for the Spring of 2016. There are 17 trees available, and the come in small (15-25 feet tall), medium (25-40 feet) and large (40-90 feet) sizes. See the list here. Hayward sent out the following information:

If you would like a tree to be planted, please email your top three choices to the Tree Warden at He will come out to your site to see if there is a suitable planting location and let you know whether a tree can or cannot be planted. Keep in mind, if you are interested, that trees can also be planted on private property within 20-feet of the public right of way.

LETTER: Tree Advocates Brace for Tree Prunings by Eversource

Hi, Trees for Watertown members and friends:

Eversource (formerly NSTAR) is coming back to Watertown to utility-prune our street trees starting Monday, February 29.  Citizen attention can really help to protect our street trees from damaging and disfiguring pruning during this utility pruning cycle. The Problem

Eversource’s official utility pruning standard specifies removal of all tree branches within 10 to 15 feet of high voltage wires. Utility pruning to Eversource’s standard results in canopy removal far in excess of recommended aboricultural guidelines for preserving street tree health. Arboricultural guidelines recommend pruning no more than 25 percent of a young tree’s healthy canopy, less in older trees, and even less — if any — in mature trees stressed by poor soil or confined soil volume and limited moisture access. The majority of trees providing vital canopy over our urban streets fall in this category.

Eversource to Start Pruning Trees Soon, See if Your Street is on the List

Eversource will begin trimming trees in a few weeks and will be working on dozens of streets in Watertown. Most of the streets are in the west end of town, and maps of the areas to be pruned can be seen by clicking here. Watertown Tree Warden Christopher Hayward sent out the following announcement:

It is anticipated that starting on Monday February 29, 2016,  Eversource contracted tree pruning crews (Lewis Tree) will be starting their Spring 2016 circuit pruning.  The routes the crews will be pruning are advertised in map and list form on the Watertown Tree Warden’s web page at  A copy of the signed Tree Warden’s permit is also posted on the Tree Warden webpage. If you have any questions or concerns about this work, please contact the Watertown Tree Warden, Chris Hayward, at 617-972-6426 or

Here are the streets on the list for Eversource’s tree pruning in the spring of 2016

Wesminster Avenue
Bemis Street
Waverley Avenue
King Street
Carey Avenue
Cleveland Road
Morrison Road
Brookline Street
Webster Street
Warren Street
Bancroft Street
Edenfield Avenue
French Street
Homer Street
Myrtle Street
Middle Street
Purvis Street
Olney Street
Main Street
Oakley Street
Acton Street
Lexington Street
Howard Street
Waltham Street
Edward Road
Green River Way
Rutland Street
Evans Street
Bromfield Street
Pine Street
Jensen Road
Brandley Road
Falmouth Road
Puritan Road
Pilgram Road
Morrison Road
Morton Street
Olcott Street
Gilbert Street
Prescott Street
Longfellow Road
Whitman Road
Emerson Road
Partridge Street
Gleason Street
Stuart Street
Wilmot Street
King Street
Copeland Street
Hersom Street
Chapman Street
Grandview Avenue
Heather Road
Desmond Road
Highland Avenue


Town Losing an Old Friend in Watertown Square – a 90+ Year Old Tree

A familiar sight in Watertown Square will be gone after nine decades when the town cuts down a large shade tree in the Watertown Delta on Tuesday. The Norway Maple has stood in that spot since at least 1927, and was one of three tree planted there at the time. It has grown as tall as the next door Watertown Savings Bank building and has been lit during the holidays. The tree, however, is splitting apart and is literally being held together by wires, said Watertown Tree Warden Chris Hayward. In July, a major limb came crashing down from the tree, and Hayward worried another limb could fall – and this time hurt someone.

Town Has Trees to Plant in Front of Watertown Homes

Want a tree for the front of your home, Watertown Tree Warden Chris Hayward may have one for you. 

He will soon begin planting street trees around town, and he has a long list of species, including small trees for the front yard, medium sized ones and large shade trees. A complete list can be found by clicking here. For more information contact Chris Hayward at 617-972-6426 or

Huge Tree Limb Falls in Watertown Square Delta

A large limb from an historic tree in Watertown Square broke off and fell on the Watertown Delta Sunday. 

The cause of the broken limb was not apparent to Public Works officials on Sunday afternoon, said DPW Superintendent Gerald Mee. “In the middle of a beautiful day, it just dropped,” Mee said. The limb is lying on the large grassy area in Watertown Square known as the Delta, and does not pose a danger, so it will be removed Monday, according to Mee. The limb, which is at least 40 feet in length, is one of the trees that have lights on and light up during the holiday season. Mee said the tree has been around “a long time.”

Residents, Town Officials Outraged by Hacking of Trees in Watertown

Trees along Greenough Boulevard in Watertown got a severe pruning or in some cases were cut down completely, a move that has upset residents and town officials alike. 

Last week, residents noticed that the trees on the street that runs along the Charles River had been cut by crews. The trees stand on land owned by the state and overseen by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Residents began contacting DCR officials, state representatives and Town Councilors to ask for the tree trimming to be halted. While they are state owned, the DCR was supposed to alert the Watertown Conservation Commission and the town Tree Warden, Chris Hayward, to let them know about the plan, said Assistant Town Manager Steve Magoon. “They are supposed to do that.