Watertown Cable Show Looks at the Town’s Local Media

Watertown Cable’s show Local Lives delved into the world of local media in its latest episode. The episode, hosted by Samantha Dudley and Ashley Hardy, features interviews with the Watertown News, Watertown Tab and Watertown Cable’s Watertown Weekly News. The episode is the latest in the recent addition to the Watertown Cable lineup of original shows. Previous episodes have visited the Watertown Boys & Girls Club, diners around town, the Mosesian Center for the Arts, Hatch Makerspace and the Mount Auburn Cemetery. See the latest episode on the Watertown Cable website by clicking here.

Watertown Cable’s ‘Inside Watertown’ Receives Award from Alliance for Community Media

A local talkshow produced by Watertown Cable Access won an award at the recent Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region Conference. The producers of “Inside Watertown,” Samantha Dudley and Ashley Hardy received the second place award in the Budget II General Talkshow category at the in ACM Northeast Region Conference in Schenectady, New York, in October. Watertown Cable announced the award on Wednesday. The show highlights groups and people who make a difference in Watertown. The show is co-hosted by Charlie Breitrose, editor of Watertown News, and Paul Airasian, a local business and community leader.

LETTER: New Federal Rules Threaten Watertown Cable’s Funding, Station Seeks Support

Good Afternoon,

On behalf of WCATV, I am reaching out to you today in regards to a policy proposed by the FCC. This policy will eliminate a major source of funding from Comcast and RCN and could result in Watertown Cable and other community media centers closing their doors in every community across the country. The policy will change the “franchise fee” structure that has been in place since the 1980s, and would allow the cable companies to charge cities for access to historically “in-kind” resources such as cable channels, I-net services, and access to their system to deliver content to people’s homes. The current franchise fee structure is the lifeblood of community media centers across the country and without that funding, it would be nearly impossible for stations to continue the important work they provide for all communities. This would cost our local governments millions of dollars, and would force them to choose whether supporting community media is more valuable than the millions of dollars of lost revenue.

Watertown’s Police and Fire Chiefs Appear on Watertown Cable’s ‘Inside Watertown’

Watertown’s Police and Fire Chiefs appeared on the latest episode of Watertown Cable’s Inside Watertown. Co-hosts Charlie Breitrose and Bob Airasian spoke to Police Chief Michael Lawn and Fire Chief Robert Quinn about some of their department’s efforts to reach out to the community and connect with residents. Chief Lawn spoke about the Citizen’s Police Academy, the Cops and Rec programs for kids and other ways police officers are trying to get out of their cruisers and interact with the public. The Fire Department has a variety of programs for the public, too. Chief Quinn spoke about how firefighters visit Watertown’s schools to teach fire safety and meet with seniors to put up free smoke detectors.

Hollywood Actor Makes Guest Appearance on Watertown Cable’s Drawing With Fred

The following was provided by the producers of Watertown Cable’s Drawing With Fred:

Actor Chad Michael Collins has portrayed a variety of characters in his career. They range from a heroic solider to the Frankenstein monster. He steps into the role of safety advocate on the award winning series Drawing With Fred. In a water safety segment titled, Sign Up for Safety, Collins notes the importance of reading signage posted at the beach. He also became a comic book character who wins the admiration of Olive Oyl in a parody of a Popeye cartoon.

Watertown Cable Show Honoring Italian Americans in October

The following information was provided by the producers of Watertown Cable’s Drawing With Fred:

In honor of Columbus Day The Watertown Channel will broadcast special episodes of Drawing With Fred featuring two prominent Italian Americans. Doctor Domenic D’Amico, whose dental practice in Watertown celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018, is featured in the Italian Dentist Show. Program host, Fred Grandinetti, displays a drawing of D’Amico and discusses why he entered the dental field. The Braccio Di Ferro episode features journalist, Nicola Orichuia, co-founder of I AM Books the first Italian-American book store in the country. The popular establishment is located in the North End.

Find Out About TV Production Classes, Tour Watertown Cable at Upcoming Open House

​Watertown Cable Access TV provided the following announcement:

Do you have an idea for a TV show but the executives at CBS turned you down? Well guess what, WCA-TV won’t turn you down! Visit us at our open house on September 27th and October 16th to take a tour of our studio space, learn about what kind of video production workshops we’re offering, and learn about many other ways to get involved here at Watertown’s only cable access station. We can get you started on everything you need to put together your own
television program. You’ll be able to meet with our staff, some of our volunteers, and board members.

World War II Veteran Who Served on a Navy Destroyer Shares His Story with Watertown Cable

Watertown Cable host Bob Kaprielian recently spoke to a 92-year-old Navy veteran from Watertown for the cable show A Veteran’s Story. Watertown Cable Access TV sent out the following announcement:
Watertown Cable Access presents the story of Signal Man 2nd Class, Rick Erikson, a sailor aboard the USS Lewis Destroyer Escort who served in the Pacific during World War II. A resident of Stoneleigh Road in Watertown, Erikson remembers seeing the United States flag flying over Iwo Jima, one among the dwindling numbers who witnessed the flag. He recounts being in the typhoon that ravaged the U.S. Navy’s fleet off the coast of Okinawa and tells the story of the numerous kamikaze attacks that sank the destroyer just behind the USS Lewis in the picket line. Seaman second class Erikson is believed to be one of only four surviving shipmates on the USS Lewis.