Schools Looking for New Ways to Fund Middle School Sports Program

Parents of middle school athletes could soon face higher fees if the school system can’t find outside help to plug almost $100,000 in cuts to athletic programs in the Fiscal 2015 school budget. The school committee unanimously approved the proposed Fiscal 2015 cost center budget on Wednesday. The $39,232,000 budget is an increase of $2,557,000 from the Fiscal 2014 budget, but includes $92,000 in cuts to the middle school athletic program at the high school and middle school. While the school budget for Fiscal 2015 budget is an increase of $2,557,000 from the FY 2014 budget, it is still below the $6,186,507 increase the committee requested from the Town Council. According to the budget passed Wednesday, the School Committee allocated $598,057 for athletic programs throughout the school system.