Police, Fire & DPW Put on Parade for Young Watertown Cancer Survivor

Young cancer survivor Noah McManus thanks the Watertown Police, Fire Department and Department of Public Works for putting on a parade outside his home on Friday. A 3-year-old Watertown boy had some special visitors Friday to help him celebrate the news that he has a clean bill of health after more than a year of cancer treatments. Noah McManus waved to the police cruisers, fire trucks and Public Works vehicles that drove by his home Friday afternoon. He watched dozen of vehicles roll past with his parents and older brother Lucas and baby sister Lilah. “This is more than we expected,” said Noah’s mother, Jessica.

Police Arrest Watertown Man Suspected of Distributing Cocaine, Marijuana

A 28-year-old Watertown man faces charges of possession of drugs with intent to distribute following an investigation by Watertown Police and an area drug task force. Police served a warrant on Garnett J. Miles’ home on Waverley Avenue on March 18 at 9:31 a.m., according to Watertown Police Lt. James O’Connor. The arrest came after a month-long investigation between the WPD and the Suburban Middlesex County Drug Task Force. “As a result, of the investigation, a search warrant was executed at his residence,” O’Connor said. “Our investigation revealed we had probable cause he was distributing narcotics from his residence.”

Police Log: Fake Explosion Reported, Drunk Men Try to Get in Wrong House

The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department. Arrests

March 10, 5:42 a.m.: Watertown Police were contacted by the Suffolk County Probation Department, which had a warrant for a Watertown resident. Police went to his address and the 20-year-old Watertown man was placed under arrest on the warrant for violating the terms of his probation. Incidents

March 8, 9:19 a.m.: An elderly woman said she believes she was scammed by someone who called her two weeks prior. The caller said he could provide a service that would prevent her computer from being hacked.

Watertown Police Officers Cook Up, Serve St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast to Homeless Veterans

Watertown Police officers Keith Parent (front), Kyle Rooney, Frank Forde and Mike Martino work with a member of the New England Center and Home for Veterans to serve breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day. The effort was spearheaded by Forde. More than a dozen Watertown police officers and firefighters gathered early on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day at the Sons of Italy Hall to prepare a traditional Irish breakfast for 200 people at the New England Center and Home for Veterans.

Conversation Begins About Current Watertown Police Services & Proposed Reforms, New Programs

Watertown Police Station

During a wide ranging meeting about policing in Watertown, the Watertown Police discussed what they do including community police efforts and training, resident groups brought up concerns and proposed new initiatives and reallocation of part of the Police budget, and there was much discussion about statistics. The Town Council’s Public Safety Committee met Friday afternoon. Town Council President Mark Sideris made the referral to have the meeting after hearing from resident groups who were concerned following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last spring. During Friday’s meeting, Watertown Police Chief Michael Lawn gave an overview of what the Watertown Police Department does during the year, including statistics, community programs they participate in, and trainings provided to officers. He also discussed the upcoming changes the department will have to make as a result of the passage of the State’s Police Reform Law.

Police Log: Employee Steals Copper Fittings, String of Car Break-Ins

The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department. Arrests

March 5:36 p.m.: An officer on patrolling on Main Street spotted a man going into the Dunkin’ Donuts who was known to be wanted on an arrest warrant. As the suspect came out, the officer told him about the warrant and placed him under arrest. The 19-year old Watertown man was arrested on the warrant from Waltham District Court for assault and battery. 


March 1, 2:14 p.m.: An employee at Jomar Distributors on Pleasant Street was suspected of stealing merchandise. Police were contacted by an employee who spotted the suspect on security video taking a full box of copper fittings and copper coils from the stock room, put them in a box and cover the items with a sweatshirt.

See Photos from the 2 Rallies Near the Watertown Police Station

The sun sets as crowds disperse after the two rallies Thursday in front of the Watertown Police Station. Hundreds of supporters from two groups gathered on either side of Main Street in dueling rallies in front of the Watertown Police Station on Thursday afternoon. The pro-police supporters outnumbered those supporting the teacher who showed the controversial video at Watertown Middle School. Supporters of the Watertown Police waved flags and held signs on Thursday afternoon. Many came to support the Watertown Police, in a “Back the Blue” rally following the showing an anti-police video at Watertown Middle School.

School Committee Statement: Supports Anti-Racist Work & Watertown Police

The following piece was provided by the Watertown School Committee:

The Watertown School Committee is committed to becoming an anti-racist school system by acknowledging the structural and institutional racism that is pervasive throughout this nation and its many institutions, and also consistently working to present that reality and incorporate those lessons into the Watertown Public Schools’ curriculum. We also support the Watertown Police Department and acknowledge their work with our schools to create transparent and safe community relations between the Police Department and the WPS. These two statements are not at odds with one another, despite the growing public divide: We can both support the important work of the Watertown Police Department and condemn long standing institutional and systemic racism. Recently our community has been challenged and hurt by an incident at Watertown Middle School involving a video played to a group of students. Instead of fostering open discussion in the classroom, this video sparked divisions in our community, particularly around policing and, by extension, the Watertown Police Department.