Watertown Student Earns Senior Award at BC High School

The following announcement was provided by Boston College High School:

Last month, Boston College High School held its annual Senior Awards Ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of the members of the class of 2023. Students were recognized for their leadership in various co-curricular activities and their academic excellence. The following Watertown resident was honored during the ceremony. I have also included a brief description of the award:

Koji Obara: Stephen J. Collins Modern Language Award. Stephen J. Collin’s enthusiasm for language learning inspired students to experience the joy of a language “coming alive.” This award is given to a graduating senior who has brought language to life.

City Officials Look at Ways to Deal with Soaring Cost of Watertown High School Project

Ai3 ArchitectsA rendering of the designs for the new Watertown High School viewed from Columbia Street. Soaring construction prices have pushed the cost of the new Watertown High School millions above the original estimate, but City Manager George Proakis committed to getting the school built without sacrificing the educational program or the net zero energy design. During his Fiscal Year 2024 Watertown budget presentation on May 9, Proakis gave the City Council an update on the WHS project, and some of the imperfect options for paying for the cost increase. When the Council approved the WHS project in June 2021, the price tag was $198 million. That figure includes building a temporary high school site at Moxley Field and making the school net zero (producing enough energy to cover the amount used by the building).

Watertown’s Musical Talent Showcased at MusicFest

A Watertown student performs at MusicFest on April 28. The following piece was provided by Friends of Watertown Music:

After a pandemic-imposed hiatus, the Friends of Watertown Music was excited to revive its annual MusicFest tradition and on April 28th, and the community turned out to welcome its return! MusicFest celebrates music and musicians, through a presentation of short performances – each between 5 and 20 minutes long. This year’s attendees had the opportunity to choose among more than 40 acts across three spaces within the performance venue — Watertown Middle School. A dazzlingly wide variety of musical genres were featured, and performers and audience members alike spanned the decades.

Busing Available to High School Moxley Campus, Fewer Spots for Hosmer Bus Next Year

by Pixabay

Students living more than three-quarters of a mile from the temporary Watertown High School campus at Moxley Field will be able to ride the school bus for free next year. The School Committee also heard that the number of seats on the bus to Hosmer Elementary School will be reduced starting in the fall. Superintendent Dede Galdston said that while the free busing to the high school will be available, it is intended for students would ride it regularly. “It is for students committed to riding the bus for the school year. It is not public transportation.

Tour of Temporary High School Wows School & City Officials

Charlie BreitroseParker Helwig of J&J Contractors shows City and School officials around a classroom at the modular high school at Moxley Field. Ooos, aahs, and genuine surprise were the reactions of the Watertown School and City officials this week when they got a look inside the temporary high school going up at Moxley Field. Right now, the area between Main Street and Watertown Middle School has a bit of a barren feel, with the grey modulars in a large U on top of bare earth. Inside, the building feels much more like a typical school. The walls and ceilings are complete, except for the seams between the modules and the ceilings, which will be installed after the lights, electrical wires, fire sprinkler system and other systems are installed.

Watertown School Garden Summer Intern Coordinator Wanted

Watertown has started a summer garden youth internship program, and the City is hiring a program coordinator. The City of Watertown sent out the following information:

Title: Summer Garden Coordinator

Reports to: School Garden Coordinator, Judy Fallows

Description: 150 hours of work over the summer break, June 5 – September 8, 2023 (14 weeks, approximately 11 hrs per week). The weekly schedule will vary to accommodate specific tasks and the Summer Garden Intern schedules. Responsibilities: Oversee the Summer Garden Intern program with input from the School Garden Coordinator, Watertown Community Gardens, and Public Arts & Culture Committee.. Engage and manage up to 6 Summer Garden Interns who will each be completing 50 hours of work, combining hours of maintenance in various school gardens (Hosmer, Cunniff and Middle School) and educational enrichment sessions in the gardens.

Hear Musicians from Around Watertown at the 10th Annual MusicFest

The following information was provided by the Friends of Watertown Music:

Friends of Watertown Music invites you to attend our 10th Annual MusicFest, on Friday, April 28, from 5:30 to 9:15 p.m., at the Watertown Middle School. MusicFest is a fun community event, offering something for everyone! This year’s event will feature over 40 performances, across 3 stages. The variety of performers will include student musicians, Watertown Public School teachers, local rock bands, established musicians, a vignette of musical theater, and more. Performances run from 5 to 20 minutes, so attendees will have the chance to go around and see as many acts as they wish.

Local Company Visits WHS Class Bearing Gifts & Knowledge of Biotechs

Charlie BreitroseWatertown High School teacher Kelly Hannon works with students in her anatomy and physiology class. A Watertown High School science class recently got a visit from representatives from one of the City’s life science companies, which also provided some donations that will help students learn about the human body. In early April, three employees of Enanta Pharmaceuticals stopped by a WHS anatomy and physiology class to speak to the students about their work. Joyce Sweeney Gibbons told the students that she did not take a direct road to her current position as senior scientist in virology at Enanta. “If you have no idea what you want to do, that’s OK,” Sweeney Gibbons said.