Life Science Building With Garage & Park Approved by Zoning Board

A rendering of what the life science building at 85 Walnut St. will look like from Arsenal Street. The Zoning Board of Appeals gave final approval to a life science building on the former Doble Engineering property. The four story building near Arsenal Street will also have a parking garage and a park along Walnut Street. The project came before the board for the second time Wednesday night, and the board approve the project with some additional requirements.

Zoning Board Asserts Safe Harbor to Stop Proposed 40B Apartment Project

A rendering of the proposed apartment complex at 148 Waltham St., the former Sterritt Lumber site. The 253-unit residential project proposed for the former Sterritt Lumber site on the Westside of town was stopped by the Zoning Board on Wednesday night when it asserted that the Town has met the state requirements for subsidized housing. The developers of the project at 148 Waltham St., Nordblom Development Company, submitted the request for a comprehensive plan under the Chapter 40B law, which allows for denser housing developments in communities that have not met the minimum standards for subsidized housing. The project would have had more than a quarter of its units, 64, rented at below market rate. The ZBA, however, asserted “Safe Harbor” which allows towns with more than 1.5 percent of the land zoned for residential, commercial or industrial use is being used for subsidized housing, said ZBA member Kelly Donato when she made the motion.

85 Walnut St., Old Sterritt Lumber Site Projects on Zoning Board Agenda

A rendering of the proposed apartment complex at 148 Waltham St., the former Sterritt Lumber site. The project proposed for the former Doble Engineering property at 85 Walnut Street, and the apartment building proposed for the former Sterritt Lumber site on Waltham Street will be heard by the Watertown Zoning Board of Appeals Wednesday night at 7 p.m. The board will meet using the Zoom app, and will also be televised by Watertown Cable. The meeting will be held remotely to comply with orders related to the COVID-19 outbreak. The public will have remote opportunities for participation by joining the Zoom meeting, by phone or by sending emails. Developers of the former Sterritt Lumber site have filed for a comprehensive permit for the proposed apartment which was initially proposed as a Chapter 40B project.

Councilors Say They Hear Resident Concerns, But Pass Galen Street Zoning

The Town Council Chamber was filled with residents there to hear about the decision on rezoning parcels along Galen Street. Developers are interested in building biotech lab buildings on the site south of the Charles River. Residents concerned about the impact of a proposal to change the zoning for properties along Galen Street jammed the Town Council Chamber Tuesday night. The change paves the way for a biotech lab project to be built on east side of Galen Street on property that includes for the former Colonial Buick GMC dealership. After hearing from the public during public forum, and then having a 1.5 hour discussion of their own, Town Councilors voted 8-1 to approve the zoning change requested by the owners/developers of the property.

Residents Air Concerns About Galen St., Traffic & Watertown’s Planning Process

Town Councilor Lisa Feltner holds a computer showing drawings of a proposed development on Galen Street. She hosted a meeting at the Watertown Library to hear residents’ concerns about the proposed zoning change and related issues. More than 40 residents concerned about a proposed biotech project on Galen Street crammed into a meeting room at the Watertown Library Wednesday evening. They worried about what would be built there, and the traffic impact on one of the most congested roadways in town, and how projects are approved in Watertown. Those at the meeting said they would like to find a way to put a temporary halt to development, at least in the Galen Street area, so that a plan can be formed to improve the whole area.

Councilor Explains Her Decision to Delay Vote on Galen Street Zoning; Info Meeting Planned

The proposal for properties on Galen Street if requested zoning changes go through. Last week, Town Councilor Lisa Feltner decided to invoke a rule that delays the vote of the Town Council until the next meeting. The issue being considered was the rezoning of some parcels along Galen Street requested by a developer. Below you can read her letter explaining her decision. Feltner also announced that she has booked space at the Watertown Library on Wednesday night to meet with residents, and hear their concerns about the proposal.

Developer Defends Watertown After Globe Article Poo Poos Town as Biotech Destination

An illustration of the biotech tower planned for Arsenal Yards. It appeared as part of an ad taken out by Boylston Properties defending Watertown as a biotech destination after a Boston Globe article that said Kendall Square is the place to be. The owners of Arsenal Yards leapt to the defense of Watertown after a Boston Globe published an article about biotech bigwigs snubbing the town as a place to set up business. The Jan. 26 Boston Globe article interviewed biotech execs and investors who said that Cambridge’s Kendall Square remains the place to be.

Zoning Changes Wanted to Create Galen St. Project, Councilor Wants More Community Input

The proposal for properties on Galen Street if requested zoning changes go through. Owners of properties along Galen Street and Water Street seek zoning changes so they can build a biotech complex with a park, but the District Councilor said she wants the public to be able to weigh in before the change goes through. Tuesday night, Boston Development Group came forward requesting the zoning change. The developers have purchased a number of properties east of Galen Street, and while more than 80 percent of the land is in the Industrial 2 (I-2) zone, about 17 percent is zoned as Limited business. They have requested that all the parcels be zoned I-2.