LETTER: Thank You Watertown, and an Invitation to Get Involved

Dear Watertown Citizens,

I’d like to thank those citizens of Watertown who have taken the time and effort to stay involved in City issues and governance. It takes some effort to get on this swiftly moving train, as I’ve learned in the past six months. I invite you to get involved. For starters, pick something small. You might even find it gratifying!

LETTER: Developer of Arsenal Yards Commends Watertown Planning Department’s Efforts

In the nearly 10 years since we purchased the Arsenal Mall to make it a better destination for all, we’ve accomplished much with you and the people of Watertown. Our goal was always to transform the Mall into an accessible space to enjoy with friends, family, and neighbors, to rejuvenate the untapped economic potential of the Arsenal Street corridor, and to be an integral, improved part of the community in many ways. It has not been a short, perfect, or straight line, but we believe it is a very good result at Arsenal Yards. Throughout the years, we’ve had many a spirited debate with various stakeholders, councils, and boards in town, including, of course, the Planning Department. I’ve personally had “robust” dialogues with Steve Magoon and his colleagues in what we see as a productive back-and-forth in which we are constantly improving ideas with better ideas.

LETTER: Resident Upset by Public Input Going Unheard on New Developments

A friend of mine went to observe the Planning Board Meeting for the Russo and Sterritt sites onWednesday night. It went until 11:00 p.m., and she left in tears … not because either of those projects affected her personally, but because a large group of neighbors came with their constructive comments and valid concerns and went home feeling unheard. The plans were accepted using none of their input. The plans were finalized, voted on and approved as soon as the public’s comments concluded. The people most directly affected by the change to their neighborhood had no, zero, zip say.

Developers Submit Proposed Project for Sterritt Lumber Site

Nordblom CompanyAn illustration of the proposed life science building for 148 Waltham St., the former Sterritt Lumber site. Developers have submitted plans for a lab building to be built on the former Sterritt Lumber site on the Westside of Watertown. On Aug. 8, the Nordblom Company filed for a special permit with site plan review by the City of Watertown on behalf of the owners, Watertown Owner LLC to construct an office lab/R&D (research and development) building at 148 Waltham Street. The project is the second proposal for the former Sterritt Lumber site, near Bemis Park, in West Watertown.