Volunteers Wanted for First Watertown Arts Market

The Town of Watertown is happy to support this year’s inaugural Arts Market, hosted by a coalition of arts and business organizations in Town, taking place at Arsenal Park on August 21 from 12-5 PM (rain date August 28th). 

The Watertown Arts Market is an outdoor event that will follow a similar format to a farmers’ market: Watertown-based artists, authors, creatives, musicians and music teachers, arts and culture organizations, and beyond will each host a table at the event. Attendees can wander through the Market, learning about the artistic and cultural offerings in Watertown. Artists and cultural organizations can share information about their work and sell visual art, music, services, and more.The Arts Market will need volunteers to help out between 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM on the day of the event  to assist with set up at Arsenal Park in the morning, to help throughout the day with various tasks, and clean up in the evening. Volunteers may work one 4 hour shift or two consecutive four hour shifts with with a one hour break. 

Visit watertownartsmarket.com for more information and to sign up to volunteer.

New Rep Theatre Seeks to Raise $200,000 to Prevent Shutting Down Permanently

Watertown-based New Repertory Theater needs an injection of money soon or will have to shut down permanently. The company, based at the Mosesian Center for the Arts, announced this week that it was suspending operations indefinitely, and unless the theater company can raise $200,000 over the next few months it will close permanently, Jo Trompet, chairman of New Rep’s board of directors, told the Boston Globe. Even before the pandemic, New Rep faced a budget deficit, which former-Artistic Director Michael Bobbitt said would take a number of years to make up. The COVID-19 restrictions meant the New Rep had to cancel about a season and a half of performances. The company also faces uncertainty about its primary performance space, the theater at the Mosesian Center for the Arts, which is undergoing upgrades.

Small Saves Featured in Instructional Video in This Week’s Cartoon

James DeMarco grew up in Watertown and became a goaltender at age 5. It’s his life’s passion to stand between the pipes and keep the puck out of the net. Combining this with the love of cartooning Small Saves emerged in 1991 and took on a life of his own. “To play goal–then come home and draw Small Saves — is my ideal definition of a good day.”

Deadline Coming Up for Participants to Apply for First Watertown Arts Market

The first Watertown Arts Market will be held on Aug. 21, and the deadline for participants to join is coming up soon. The Arts Market will be held at Arsenal Park on Saturday, Aug. 21, 12-5 p.m., and the deadline for participants to apply is Saturday, July 31. The Watertown Arts Market Team sent out the following announcement:

Enjoy the artistic and cultural offerings of over 60 local artists and organizations.

New Rep Theatre Suspending Operations Citing Pandemic, Uncertainty About Performance Space

Watertown-based New Repertory Theatre announced it will be suspending operations beginning July 21. The company based at the Mosesian Center for the Arts had to cancel the end of its 2019-2020 season and its entire 2020-21 season. It has put on a pair of moving plays in outdoor locations around Watertown. 

“As with many cultural institutions, the COVID-19 pandemic led to fiscal challenges for the New Repertory Theatre,” said the statement from New Rep, which was published by the Newton Needham Regional Chamber. Along with the pandemic, New Rep faces uncertainty about its stage space. 

“Additionally, our performance venue, the Mosesian Center for the Arts, is undergoing renovations, which adds to the COVID-related uncertainty we are already experiencing regarding mounting in-person performances in the near future. With these challenges in mind, the Board of Directors of the New Repertory Theatre has made the decision to suspend operations until we determine next steps for the organization,” the announcement said. 

New Rep will be making more announcements in the near future, the announcement said. “We have informed the staff of this decision and the reasons for the suspension.

Watertown Studio Offering Dance Classes for Kids, Some for Free

Ballroom in Boston provided the following announcement:

Local dance studio, Ballroom in Boston, is offering kids dance classes throughout the summer! Check out the details below! 

Dance With Me:

Ages: 2-3

Do your kids constantly dance and twirl around the house? Our Dance With Me class is perfect for you! This class provides an introduction to creative movements for toddlers and their parents or guardians. We encourage them to learn and move to fun songs while working on their motor skills and listening.