Watertown Voters Will Continue to Directly Elect Council President After Vote by Charter Review Committee

Watertown Town Hall

Voters in Watertown will continue to elect the Town Council President directly, rather than having the position chosen by a majority of the Council. The decision was made by the Watertown Charter Review Committee on Tuesday night. The decision came on the same night that members discussed the makeup of the Town Council and the councilor compensation. Also, if the Council President should serve on the School Committee, or have a designee. The group reviewing the document that defines how the Town’s government operates looked at the Legislative section of the Charter on Tuesday.

Resident Group’s Survey Finds What People Like, Want Improved in Watertown

Charlie BreitroseThe Watertown Dam near Watertown Square slows the flow of the Charles River. People like the community and diversity in Watertown, but would like to see improvements in the schools and affordability, according to the preliminary results of a survey being conducted by a resident group called Watertown Forward. The group started as an effort to help people understand the Town Charter and the once-a-decade Charter Review, but the group seeks to keep people engaged, said Nicole Gardner, a member of Watertown Forward. “We want to encourage them to get engaged. (Watertown Forward is) at this moment hyper-focused on charter review.