Is Your Street on the Watertown Road Improvement Plan?

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Road work

Road repairs are coming to Watertown. Photo by Charlie Breitrose

By Charlie Breitrose

The list of Watertown roads that will be repaired, and in some cases completely rebuilt, was approved by the Town Council last week.

The projects will repair 12 roads and will cost $25 million. Some will be repaired with the reclamation method, where the entire road is taken up, ground up and laid down again. Others will be fixed with the mill and overlay, where the top layer is ground down and a new layer of asphalt is put down.

The Council set aside $300,000 for projects on roads that do not need the entire length repaired, but where smaller sections are in bad shape, said Councilor Cecilia Lenk, who is chairwoman of the Pubic Works subcommittee.

The projects on the list for 2014 are:

  • Fifield Street from Irving Street to Perkins School – reclamation – $145,554.78
  • Avon Road from the Belmont line to the dead end – reclamation – $127,640.35
  • Alden Road from the Belmont line to the dead end – reclamation – $116,443.83
  • Salisbury Road from Maplewood Street to Edgecliff Road – mill and overlay – $94,050.78
  • Priest Road from Charles River Road to Riverside Road – reclamation – $181,383.65
  • Loomis Avenue from Orchard Street to Downey Street – mill and overlay – $139,956.52
  • Duff Street from Madison Avenue to Belmont Street – mill and overlay – $145,554.78
  • Barnard Avenue from Columbia Street to Orchard Street (mill and overlay), Orchard Street to Bellevue Road (reclamation) – $449,364.87
  • Lincoln Street from Mount Auburn Street to Spruce Street – reclamation – $315,741.91
  • Dexter Avenue from Willow Park to Mount Auburn Street – reclamation – $294,468.52
  • Katherine Road from Common Street to Church Street – reclamation – $114,204.52
  • Cushman Street from Oak Place to Fayette Street – reclamation – $98,529.39

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