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Employees at Watertown Savings Bank displayed their spirt on Marathon Monday, wearing shirts saying "Boston Strong, Watertown Proud."

Watertown was well represented in the 118th Boston Marathon, with 76 runners plus others from the Watertown Police and Fire Departments running, and it was a day for the women.

The top runner from Watertown was Kath Hardcastle, who had a net time of 2:45:42. She was the 36th fastest woman in the entire race and 32nd in the women 18-39 category.

Second was Nicole Casey with 2:58:23, and third (and top male) was Daniel Gulas at 2:59:21. Women took six of the top 10 places for Watertown runners and 12 of the top 20.

The top runner from the Watertown Police Department was Officer Thomas Dicker, with a time of 4:02:24. Watertown Police Chief finished with a time of 5:47:41. Watertown Firefighter James Maloney had a time of 5:35:19.

Here are the top 10 runners from Watertown:

1) Daniel Gulas 2:59:21
2) Kun Song 3:05:49
3) Andrew Robertson 3:11:50
4) Christopher Rife 3:17:17
5) Erik Edgar 3:28:52
6) Adam McCready 3:46:02
7) Nathaniel Voss 3:49:09
8) Thomas Dicker 4:02:24
9) Rick Keilty 4:11:24
10) Timothy Harrington 4:12:22

1) Kath Hardcastle 2:45:42
2) Nicole Casey 2:58:23
3) Rachel Coogan 3:08:15
4) Deborah Downs 3:13:47
5) Laurie Nahigian 3:15:38
6) Kristin Pizzi 3:20:19
7) Laurie Ferguson 3:39:21
8) Joanie Kelly 3:56:55
9) Christine Horan 3:58:40
10) Mary Regan 4:02:16

To see all Watertown Runners, click here and search under “Watertown MA.”

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