Couple Uses Plates to Protest Watertown Manhunt

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Artists Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari experienced the Watertown Manhunt first hand and they did not like what they saw, and they expressed their feelings by creating commemorative plates.

While most such porcelain items show a scene of beauty or something happy, the center of the plates created by the married couple features pictures of SWAT teams, armored vehicles and police searching houses.

The pair was featured on WBGH’s “Greater Boston” television program.

See photos of the plates by visiting WGBH’s website (click here). Read more in a story by WGBH by clicking here.

One thought on “Couple Uses Plates to Protest Watertown Manhunt

  1. These people are contradictory in what they are saying about what they are doing. On one hand they are saying they are trying to portray this horror of terror parlayed on them by the police department because that kind of presence is not supposed to happen in America. Well the killing and mauling of innocent people is not something that we are used to happening in the United States of America either. SO the police had two choices….quietly look for the killer and possibly risk not finding him at all with minimal response or pool resources and leave no stone unturned and find the man who altered the life in the United States forever. Hmmm, it seems very clear to me that the best thing our police and other resources could do is what they did do. They professionally as swiftly as they possibly could, searched until they were successful in finding the murderer. Yes, maybe some of the people who were frisked, checked, spoken, to or whatever occurred are probably grateful or should be grateful that no more lives were taken because of the hard working police. When an occurrence such as this happens, and being obviously something we are not used to having to deal with in our great nation, we should not get in the way of safety but embrace it. Making plates to portray the grand work of our security doing their jobs and then selling them and claiming that it was to show what a nightmare it was having to go through in order to preserve safety….well then maybe you need to re-evaluate your needs. What if that murderer was hiding in your china cabinet with your precious plates and the police did not do a sweep of your home….something tells me your plates would look a lot different then. Bravo to all our officers who gave their time and lives to find the murderer of many. Thank you for giving your lives each and everyday. Thank you to Watertown police and all men and women who wear the badge!!!!!

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