Police Warn of Driveway Repaving Scam

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Area police warn residents to be wary of a scam involving people going door to door offering to repave their driveway at a discount rate.

The Waltham Police Department put out the warning this week on their Twitter account (see the post here). In the scam, the paver uses high pressure tactics and when the homeowner agrees a work crew shows up quickly to begin work.

In the middle of the work, however, they inform the homeowner that a mistake has been made and the person owes the pavers thousands of dollars and ask for a check, which is cashed before the homeowner realizes he or she has been scammed.

“Paving scams like these occur regularly in Massachusetts and increase over the spring and summer. The perpetrators target senior citizens and are well known to police across the country. Criminal charges vary by state but are commonly filed,” the Waltham Police post reads.

Police say homeowners should ask a for proof of solicitors’ insurance, they should call police if a crew begins work without the homeowner’s permission, call police when unfamiliar people or companies show up in your neighborhood, and remember there is no such thing as “extra asphalt.”


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