New Approach to Making Budget Needed to Add Staffing

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As the Town Council reviews the budget during the Fiscal 2015 budget hearings they often lamented that they do not have the funds to boost staffing for multiple departments. To actually add, a new approach to budgeting is needed, Town Council President Mark Sideris said.

One department that several Councilors pointed to as being in critical need for more staff is the Community Development and Planning Department. Development in Watertown is booming, and the town is also working on the Comprehensive Plan, a huge document that will help shape what Watertown looks like in the future.

Councilor Cecilia Lenk said she would like to see a staff member th help coordinate public transportation for the new developments. Councilor Vincent Piccirilli said Community Development and Planning needs to help the public schools plan the renovation and rebuilding of its facilities, which is coming in the next few years.

When the library came to the Town Council, Councilor Aaron Dushku asked if the Watertown Free Public Library could help run the school libraries. Right now there are no librarians at any of the school libraries. Library Leone Cole said her staff already is stretched thin, so more staff would be needed.

Councilors have also talked about their desire to add to other departments, including Police and Fire, among others.

Town Council President Mark Sideris said the way budgets are made right now, adding staffing would be tough. If they approach it one department at a time, Councilors may be able to add staffing, he said.

“When we do budget priorities maybe we need to change them,” Sideris said. “If we have any additional funds we can target one department one year, and another department the second year.”

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