Police Log: Suspect Chased Down at Mall, Counterfeit Bill Used

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Watertown Police Patch

The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.


May 26, 3:36 a.m.: An officer observing traffic on Galen Street spotted a car go through a red light. The car was pulled over on California Street and the officer detected an odor of alcohol on the driver’s breath. Field sobriety tests were performed and a 32-year-old Waltham man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and failing to stop at a light. The officer also discovered the driver did not have a license, so he was charged with unlicensed driving.

May 29, 10:25 a.m.: Police received information that an employee at Chipotle at the Arsenal Mall had a warrant for his arrest. When officers arrived and the man saw them he ran out of the restaurant. Police chased him down on foot and placed the 23-year-old man from Hyde Park under arrest for the warrant for assault and battery out of Roxbury District Court.

May 30, 8:48 a.m.: S woman was spotted taking several items of clothing and put them into a tote bag at Target and try to leave. The items were worth $162.95. The 37-year-old Cambridge woman was arrested on a charge of shoplifting. She also had a warrant from Cambridge District Court for shoplifting.

May 30, 11:44 a.m.: Police arrested a 19-year-old man at his home in Watertown on a default warrant from Waltham District Court for malicious destruction of property.

May 31, 1:08 a.m.: An officer on patrol spotted a vehicle speeding on Lexington Street – clocking it at 45 mph. When the officer pulled the vehicle over he discovered the driver did not have a license. The 53-year-old West Roxbury man was arrested on a charge of driving with a revoked license.

May 31, 1:17 a.m.: An officer spotted a car stopped 3-4 car lengths into Watertown Square and the driver then ran a red light. When the car was pulled over the officer smelled an odor of alcohol on the driver’s breath. Field sobriety tests were performed and the 46-year-old Franklin woman was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol.

June 1, 4:55 p.m.: Police arrested a 42-year-old Watertown man for domestic assault and battery.

May 28, 3:40 p.m.: The door of an apartment on the third floor of a building on Irving Street was forced open and someone took jewelry, a TV and other items.

May 29, 5:11 p.m.: A vehicle parked on Longfellow Road was broken into and an iPod was stolen.

May 30, 7:33 a.m.: A man came into O’Reilly Auto Parts and bought windshield wipers for $13, and paid with a $100 bill. Employees later discovered the bill was counterfeit.

May 30, 5:50 p.m.: A bike was locked up in Watertown Square and when the owner returned the chain was cut and the gold Schwinn female mountain bike was gone. It was worth $200.

May 31, 12:04 p.m.: A bike was locked up on Galen Street on May 30, but the next day it was gone and the lock had been cut.

May 31, 6:01 p.m.: Two teenage boys were spotted taking packs of Yugioh playing cards from Target. One took 28 packs worth $169.70 and the other took six packs worth $63.69. Two 16-year-olds from Boston were summonsed to Waltham District Court for shoplifting.

June 1, 1:41 p.m.: A resident parked a car on North Beacon Street on May 30 and the next morning found that the driver’s side of the car was keyed and the side mirror was cracked.

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