LETTER: Resident Asks for Moratorium on New Big Projects on Arsenal Street


Dear Director of Planning, Town Council members, Chairman of the Planning Commission and Zoning Officer,

I would like to urge you as a group to give serious consideration to imposing a temporary moratorium on large new projects on the Arsenal corridor while a master plan is developed and zoning is re-written, in order that all development be thoughtfully evaluated in this critical area.

The town needs to gain input from stakeholders and to proceed carefully; these decisions will affect residents for many years to come, including my children  and their children. I have lived in Watertown since 1975 and love this community. I want to see it continue to be a place that balances development with the needs of it residents so that it can continue to maintain its strong community orientation.

The Community Development and Planning Department has worked hard to develop a Comprehensive Plan; it should be utilized.

Robert G. Goodman
Franklin Street

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