See What Authorities Found in the Suspected Meth Lab House

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Evidence lies on a tarp outside the house on Winter Street where a suspected meth lab was found.

Charlie Breitrose

Evidence lies on a tarp outside the house on Winter Street where a suspected meth lab was found on June 13.

Police discovered a variety of items suspected to be used to purify methamphetamine into the crystal form when they search the suspects home on Winter Street on Friday.

Kyle Tuschall, 31, of Watertown, who suspected of running a small meth lab in his apartment, was released of $5,000 bail after being arraigned on Monday at Waltham District Court.

When police and Drug Enforcement agents searched Tuschall’s home, which he shares with his girlfriend, they found a variety of items which police believe are used for processing meth. (See the previous article by clicking here).

Items included lab glassware, chemicals, butane lighters, marijuana pipes, coffee filters and a self-made water filtration system. They also found a digital scale and clear plastic baggies, according to court documents.

When Watertown Police interviewed Tuschall he said he used the equipment to remove the impurities from the meth, according to court documents. At first he denied selling meth, but later admitted to selling some to friends and used the money to buy more meth, documents indicate.

Police confiscated three double-edge knives when they arrested Tuschall on Friday. Police had been waiting for a warrant when Tuschall returned and allegedly began arguing with a drug enforcement task fore agent and then tried to push past him to get to the house. He described the knives as “ninja knives.”

In court papers, Tuschall described his occupation as a student and said he went to Bunker Hill Community College.

Tuschall faces charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, assault and battery on a police officer and three counts of carrying a dangerous weapon. He will be back in court for a pretrial conference on July 9.

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