Watertown High School Honors Athletes Who Played Sports Every “Season”

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Winners of the WHS Athletic Director's Award in 2014.

Charlie Breitrose

Winners of the WHS Athletic Director’s Award in 2014.

When Watertown Athletic Director Michael Lahiff took over he saw that some WHS teams lacked numbers so he created an award for people who played sports in all three seasons in each of their four years at the high school. 

The numbers have fluctuated through the years. Two years ago there were 17, last year 12 got the award and this year 11 seniors were honored at a recent School Committee meeting.

The Athletic Director’s Award winners this year are:

Matt Donnell

Greg Dorian

James Garbier

TJ Hairston

Casey Halle

Joe Kelland

Jessica Lamposano

Eliza Portz

Jessica Rodriguez

Marrisa Russo

Daniel Shin

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