You May be Seeing More of Eliza Dushku Around Watertown

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Eliza Dushku. See license here:

David Shankbone

Eliza Dushku. See license here:

Watertown’s very own Hollywood star will be moving back to the area, so look for Eliza Dushku around her hometown!

Dushku told the Boston Globe that she is heading back to Watertown after breaking up with her longtime beau and former NBA player Rick Fox. (See the Globe story here)

She has purchased a condo in the area and may be going back to school, Dushku told the Globe.

Know for her roles in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Dollhouse,” Dushku is filming a movie at a former psychiatric hospital in Michigan this summer (find out more here).

She graduated from Watertown High School and has family in the area still, including her mother, a former Suffolk University professor, and brother Aaron, who is on the Watertown Town Council.

One thought on “You May be Seeing More of Eliza Dushku Around Watertown

  1. i do a movie review show for Watertown Cable Access and I would very much be interested in doing an interview with Eliza.
    i am a fan of her work, especially Bring It On as well as the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back film.
    i would like to know if she would be a guest on our show, being that she lives in Watertown and I voted for her brother Aaron.
    She could even call my cell at 857-244-4899.
    Or the e-mail above.
    Thank you,
    Ernie the K.
    Host of The Movie report.

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