LETTER: Concerned Citizens Group’s Mission


The Concerned Citizens Group submitted the following information about the organization’s mission:

Concerned Citizens Group, Inc. “Neighbors in the Know”

Mission Statement

Our Neighborhood Association was established in 1971. Its goals are:

  • To keep its members aware of current events in, and pertaining to, the Town of Watertown, MA.
  • To inform, educate, and advise them as to how these events affect our neighborhood.
  • To actively pursue the securing of wise legislation and decisions from Town bodies insofar as our neighborhood is concerned.
  • To keep elected officials, Town employees, and the residents of Watertown aware of issues considered being in our best interests.

Development Vision Statement

Priorities for the CCG Neighborhood

As sites within and adjoining our neighborhood are redeveloped, we hope and expect that

Watertown planners and officials who oversee the permitting process will honor our primary concerns. We believe that:

1) Both residential and commercial development proposals should be viewed as transition areas for the neighborhood, and should emulate the scale, density and walk-ability of existing streets.

2) The historic elements of the neighborhood should be preserved and enhanced.

3) Parking requirements and motor vehicle access routes for new projects should be limited to levels that will not overwhelm our streets with traffic, air pollution and noise, and will not create potential safety risks, especially for children and all pedestrians.

4) Landscaping, fencing, and green spaces associated with potential development projects should reflect the historic feel of the neighborhood, and should be designed with a focus on sustainability so that they do not exacerbate problems like storm-water runoff during heavy rains.

5) CCG members and residents should have full opportunities to participate in negotiations with property owners and in public forums addressing redevelopment plans for these sites, since these projects will affect the quality of life in our neighborhood for generations to come.

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