Town Council, Planning Board to Begin Examining Comprehensive Plan

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The Comprehensive Plan will get a thorough examination by the Planning Board and a subcommittee of the Town Council beginning Monday, July 14.

The joint meeting of the Planning Board and the Economic Development and Planning subcommittee will be held at 7 p.m. in Town Hall inside the Council Chamber. The meeting is the first of three scheduled to go over the details of the document that will help shape the future of Watertown. Other meetings will be held July 21 and August 18, and will also be in Town Hall.

The first meeting does not have a set agenda, Planning Board Chairman John Hawes said during a board meeting last week. He expects the group to decide which sections will be discussed at each of the following meetings. Residents asked if they would be able to comment on the plan and specific recommendations, and Hawes said that would be decided by the chairs of each committee.

Town Planner Gideon Schreiber said that people could submit comments to the Planning Department. Schreiber’s email is and the mailing address is: Town Hall, 149 Main Street, 3rd Floor Watertown, MA 02472.

The plan is hundreds of pages long and has hundreds of recommendations in a several areas. There are chapters on: land use, transportation/circulation/parking, housing, economic development, open space/recreation, natural resources, historical/cultural resources, public services/facilities, energy and implementation of the plan.

The entire plan can be viewed on the Town of Watertown website by going here:

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