Dorchester Man Busted for Breaking Into Cars in Watertown, Belmont

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A Dorchester man faces charges of breaking into cars in Watertown and Belmont after an alleged crime spree on July 7.

At 7:43 a.m. on July 7, Watertown Police received reports of car break ins on Appleton Street and also Summer Street, said Watertown Police Lt. Michael Lawn.

One car in a driveway on Appleton Street had a lottery ticket stolen from inside and a wallet with a driver’s license, cash and credit cards was missing from a second car. Some of the items taken from the car was found on a driveway down the street.

While the officer was on Appleton Street, he was sent to Summer Street for another car break in. A wallet containing cash and credit cards were taken from the car and the roommate of the break in victim found his car was also broken into, but nothing was taken, Lawn said.

In the early hours of July 7, Belmont Police stopped a man who had had a credit card stolen during a break in that occurred in Belmont.

“While detectives were interviewing the individual he said he was also responsible for all the breaking and enterings in Watertown,” Lawn said.

The man, Jeffrey Tabb, 18, of Dorchester, was arrested at 1:35 a.m. He was charged with nighttime breaking and entering for a felony, larceny of a credit card and larceny under $250, said Belmont Police Lt. Kristen Daley.

Lawn said Tabb also was summonsed to Waltham District Court on four counts of breaking and entering for the Watertown incidents.

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