Warren Tolman’s AG Campaign Supported by a Kennedy

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Warren Tolman, left, appears with former Congressman Patrick Kennedy at a mental health forum in Roxbury.

Warren Tolman, left, appears with former Congressman Patrick Kennedy at a mental health forum in Roxbury.

Warren Tolman got an endorsement from the first family of Massachusetts politics recently when a Kennedy announced his support of the Watertown Democrat’s run for Attorney General.

Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy endorsed Tolman following a discussion on mental health at the Hope House Boston on Monday, where the two discussed enforcing mental health parity, reforming the criminal justice system, and improving substance abuse treatment.

“For as long as I’ve known Warren Tolman, he’s been a voice for those suffering from mental health disorders and a tireless advocate in the cause to combat substance abuse,” said Kennedy, co-founder of One Mind for Research, a non-profit organization dedicated to mental health research and treatment, and founder of Kennedy Forum, an advocacy organization committed to advocating for mental health parity. “I’m supporting Warren Tolman to be the next Attorney General because he is dedicated to using the office to take action on these interlocked issues. He has developed an insightful approach to address mental illness and substance abuse and I look forward to partnering with him to ensure mental health parity.”

Tolman spoke about how as Attorney General he would hold insurance companies and providers accountable for providing mental health and substance abuse treatment.

“It’s a great honor to receive the support of Patrick Kennedy, a dedicated leader for improving mental health treatment nationwide,” Tolman said. “Congressman Kennedy’s vocal advocacy to expand and fight for mental health parity has advanced the scope of mental health treatment and improved the lives of millions of Americans. As Attorney General, I look forward to working closely with him to ensure mental health parity so that every Massachusetts resident can find life-changing treatment.”

TV Commercial

Also this week, Tolman debuted his television ad, where he talks about being an advocate for buffer zones at health clinics. He shot part of the commercial outside a Brookline health care clinic where an anti-abortion gunman opened fire and killed two people and injured five others in 1994. He vowed to protect women from violence and ensure women’s access to health care. You can view the commercial below:

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