LETTER: Former ZBA Member Opposes Greystone Project

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Enough is enough!

I oppose:

As a resident of Irving Street for over 58 years and property owner, I am convinced that this plan will exacerbate the Irving Street/Arsenal Street corridor. Irving Street provides important access for emergency vehicles so they can quickly get to emergency situations, as it did during the “Marathon Bombers” terrorist attacks in Watertown. In the first place, the location surrounding the proposed housing of 300 units, a market, a restaurant and retail shops is already an overly dense area, and not suitable for the Greystar development project.

I am convinced that the project will definitely have an adverse affect on the neighborhood. Traffic, safety, density, and diminished property values are of major concern. How does this project fit into the comprehensive plan? Is there one?

Ingress and egress access to the proposed development by Irving Street must absolutely be prohibited. Traffic is already at a maximum level,  and at a back up-stand-still level during peak hours.  If access is permitted through Irving Street, it will completely cripple the area, which is already the “go to”  through street from Mount Auburn to Arsenal and North Beacon Streets and visa versa.

Having served as Member of the Zoning Board for 14 years and Chairman for three terms, I feel that this development does not meet the criteria set forth in the Watertown Zoning Ordinance, based on the fact that it is detrimental to the neighborhood and there are not enough services available to support a project of this scope.


Elaine Victoria Grey
Irving Street Resident (58+ years)
Former Member,
Zoning Board  (14 Years)
Chairman, (3 Years)

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One thought on “LETTER: Former ZBA Member Opposes Greystone Project

  1. Another 278 units from the Greystone project to go along with the almost 300 units from the Handover development next door. All residents accessing their apartments from Arsenal Street. Anyone see a potential traffic problem on an already busy Arsenal Street? (There are only two traffic lanes on Arsenal St in the area.) Neither Greystone nor Handover have attempted to integrate their projects into the town by proposing pass throughs to the north toward Mt Auburn Street, but are simply dumping all their anticipated traffic onto Arsenal Street.

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