Warren Tolman Thanks People for Their Support During the Campaign


Watertown’s Warren Tolman send out a thank you letter to his supporters during his campaign for Attorney General, despite the outcome.

Here is Tolman’s letter:

Dear Friend,

Thank you!

These past ten months have been an exciting journey. Even though last Tuesday was not our day, I am incredibly grateful for your support throughout this campaign.

While our mission did not end as we had hoped, I am very proud of the campaign we ran and the dedicated team which worked tirelessly to build a winning coalition stretching across Massachusetts.

And I remain committed as ever to the causes and the ideals for which we consistently spoke up: helping the most vulnerable in our society, reducing violence in our communities, and utilizing the Attorney General’s Office in a proactive progressive fashion.

Your support and kindness along the way was so meaningful for me, my family, and our team at headquarters. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing with me.



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