Police Log: Man Arrested After Alerting Police to Warrant and More

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Watertown Police Patch

The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.


Oct. 1, 12:17 a.m.: A man who had been living in California and had an outstanding warrant called police to clear up the warrant. Officers went to Mt. Auburn Street and discovered the man had a warrant from Cambridge District Court for false reporting of crime. The 24-year-old man from San Francisco was arrested on the warrant.

Oct. 1, 1o:29 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to Boylston Street for a disturbance between two men. One had a cut under his eye after fighting with another man. Police found the man with the cut had an outstanding warrant. The 47-year-old man from Somerville had a warrant from Attleboro District Court for negligent operation of a motor vehicle and driving under the influence of alcohol. Police said he could seek assault and battery charges against the other man in Waltham District Court.

Oct. 2, 12:45 p.m.: A man was spotted taking items from the electrical section in Home Depot. They were worth a total of $239.59. The 46-year-old man from Cambridge was arrested for shoplifting over $100.

Oct. 5, 6:45 p.m.: A man was arrested on two warrants. The 33-year-old Waltham man was arrested on one warrant from Waltham District Court for larceny and one from Cambridge District Court for breaking and entering.


Oct. 1, 1:43 p.m.: The manager of an apartment building on Morse Street said three times since May someone has shot BBs at windows on the first and third floor of the building.

Oct. 1, 8:43 p.m.: A moped was stolen from the Arsenal Project near Old Navy. It was a 2015, grey moped.

Oct. 4, 8:06 a.m.: A Keenan Street resident heard a loud noise outside and when she went to check, she found a small piece of concrete on her car. There was a small dent on her trunk.

Oct. 4, 12:45 p.m.: Target security detained a man who attempted to swap a DVD player for a more expensive one. The price difference was $102.30. The 52-year-old Jamaica Plain man was summonsed to Waltham District Court for shoplifting.

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