LETTER: Resident and Dog Want Dog Park at Filippello Park


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To the Editor,

We are writing to support the choice of the Grove Street entrance to Filippello Park for the East End Dog Park, using the guidelines written by the Watertown Dog Park Task Force more than a year ago. We are grateful for the other off leash dog parks. There is a need for a somewhat larger one in this area with larger numbers of people potentially using it. 15,000 sq ft is an optimal size and possible in this space.

It is accessible and part of a well-used neighborhood park and, most importantly, in the middle of a well-trafficked area. It would be a fine place to be alone with your dog because of the visibility from the busy street. There are several high rises nearby within walking distance. The Grove Street area neighborhoods even across Mt. Auburn are within walking distance. And the neighborhoods on the Arlington Street side of Filipello are within walking distance. New office and residential space are planned for the area as well.

Such a use would be consistent with the Conservation Commission mandate and for low impact, year round use of recreation space. There is plenty of room for gardens and beautification projects outside and inside the fenced area. Dog parks increase the likelihood of licensing of dogs. Dog parks themselves are well regulated community spaces by both the town and the dog owners. It is a multigenerational and collaborative group. Mature trees exist on the site, and it is walking distance to a number of local businesses.

For these reasons, and especially because Filippello is not isolated and so many can walk to it, we hope that the Subcommittee on Public Works and the Town Council will accept the recommendation of the DPTF and so many others to name the Grove Street entrance to Filippello Park as our wonderful third dog park.


Barbara and Jeremy Ruskin and Gracie, the Goldendoodle
Spring Street

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