State Will Study Ways to Improve Mt. Auburn Street

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A section of Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown and Cambridge will be studied by the state to come up with “solutions for traffic,” the Department of Conservation and Recreation announced.

The goal of the $500,000 study is to identify potential safety measures, bus prioritization, and accessibility along the intersections of Fresh Pond Parkway and Mount Auburn Street, according to the DCR’s announcement. The DCR will issue a request for proposals (RFP) within the next 45 days to select a contractor to conduct the traffic study.

The areas in the study include from the Mt. Auburn/Belmont Street intersection to the Mt. Auburn/Fresh Pond Parkway intersection; and Fresh Pond Parkway from Huron Avenue to Buckingham Brown and Nichols School (BBN).

“DCR is excited to partner with the City of Cambridge and the MBTA to identify solutions to the traffic  impacts of this heavily used area,” said DCR Commissioner Murray. “Our goal is to work with our
partners and the community to reduce these impacts, making the commute safer.”

State Sen. Will Brownsberger welcomed the study.

“I am very grateful to Commissioner Murray and the entire Patrick Administration for recognizing the huge opportunity for improvement in this set of critical intersections,” Brownsberger said. “I am very hopeful that this study will point the way towards an intersection redesign project that will shorten the daily commute for tens  of thousands of bus and car commuters, while improving neighborhood quality of life.”

Watertown State Rep. Jonathan Hecht said he hopes traffic won’t be the only thing to improve, but also bicycle and pedestrian travel.

“I’m very appreciative that the Patrick Administration and DCR are devoting resources to finding ways to improve safety and efficiency at these busy intersections,” Hecht said. “If we can speed up bus service and make these areas safer for pedestrians and cyclists, it will cut down on car use, reduce pollution and improve traffic circulation for everyone.”

One thought on “State Will Study Ways to Improve Mt. Auburn Street

  1. Half a million dollars?! How about timing the light at the intersection using a real time vehicle counting system rather than the current ignorant light? Problem solved. What should we do with the remaining $475K ?

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